Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back in the weight loss sadle. I gained back 4 of the 16 I lost. Yuck. Yes I know why and how. I have to stick to my red wine and avoid the beer. At any rate, Doctor has not released me to go back to exercising but to be honest, how dedicated will I be?? I really have to make the effort if I am going to lose the weight. I was looking at the community center offerings and they have a variety of classes and times and the prices are really good. I was thinking of taking a beginners belly dance class, yoga and maybe a pilates.

Sewing, well I am at a standstill. My machine will not do anything but a straight seam. "Edna" my beloved machine of 12 years may be on her last needle. While I will mourn her loss, I need to be able to make button holes! I purchased the Janome 350e (embroidery only machine - "Alice") in June and can not justify putting out another big chunk on a new sewing machine. At least not until after the first of the year. I do plan to take Edna back to the machine shop and see if she can be fixed.

She initially broke in the mist of my Fiesta Sewing!!! Here I am trying to finish 12 velvet shaws with rose embroidery and Edna would was skipping stiches and eating thread. She had done this once before and it was due to needing cleaning. As I had not taken her in last year after Fiesta she was rightly over due for a good cleaning. But she broke less than a month later and will now only sew a straight seam. She still purrs while sewing and the stiches are straight and even but no button holes. I have a jacket that is finished except for button holes and buttons.

While dropping her off at the shop I plan to scope out the Janome Memory Craft 5200. This machine boast 201 decorative and utility stitches along with 10 automatic button holes. Computerized with 5 memory banks. I am not sure how much though. This machine is newer and I have not seen a price for it yet. I plan to pay a little extra and purchase it from my local machine shop - they give free life time lessons with any machine purchase (life of the machine). As I am self taught and very talented (or so I have been told), I still lack alot of knowledge and love going in with "Alice" and receiving impromtu lessons from time to time.

Well at some point I will start to add pictures and such. In the mean time, sew baby sew!!!

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