Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Today is Wednesday.

Why oh Why do we spend time worrying - okay maybe you don't but I walk around in a sense of dread about 40% of the time.

Seems like I work and work and don't make head way - it is true you spend what you make.

It would nice if the economy would turn around. I am working but husband's field is start and stop. I would love the return of him working 4-6 months straight before layoff and then only 1-2 weeks off.

Wow - I feel it coming, maybe I am wishful thinking.

My son is still gone - serving his country - I am proud. I get to email him often and he is fine, at least as of 2 days ago. He should be home in 6 weeks. Yeah!!

I hired a gal I work with to clean his house, wow, it needed it. Two single guys, talk about the parties and the mess. His roommate was thankful.

I am still fighting off the cold, I hope I don't get any sicker.

My cousin is getting married, Dad's side of the family, not very close, I hardly know these people, do I want to go??? I won't think about it.

I wish I had more time. time to sew, time to cook, time to clean, time to garden, time to hang out with my kids. Actually, hanging with the kids is the priorty, everything else takes a back seat.

If the economy would only turn around, hubby could work 6 months straight, I would have some things paid off and money in the bank.

I need to stop shopping. Okay, I won't buy if I can't pay cash, even if I can pay cash I have to put it off until. . . I don't know but I don't need it.

I wish someone else would take control of my money I would be so happy. Give me an allowance. Maybe I will clone myself.

Okay I will pray, pray harder and more often. Thanks God, you never let me completely fall just enough to wake me up and get my attention.

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