Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Too busy and tired to blog. I need to get in the habit of this weekly. I ordered my new camera. I can't wait for it to arrive! I purchased the Canon Rebel 15.1 megapixal. I am really excited. It comes with the 18-55mm lenses. I plan to purchase the 70-200 (?) in a month.

Sewing, well, I had to put my daughter's blouse on hold to sew a new dance skirt. 15 yards of material. I set aside one panel and 2 ruffle lengths to add in later. I almost made it too short - but she said it was fine, she is scared she will trip on the it like she did during fiesta and fall. The girls danced in Salina, KS this past weekend and it was fun. I made the skirt to add in the solid ruffle later and to let out 3.5" hem as she grows. I will post a picture of her skirt and a similar one I made for her older sister ~ when my camera arrives.

I did purchase the Janome MO 200 Quilter Companion. Edna could not be fixed, she still sews a mean straight stitch, good back and travel companion. I made the new skirt with it. Haven't named the old girl yet but I know it will come to one day. I hope to get back to the blouse tomorrow. I did finish my daughter's jacket, I only had the button holes to sew but Edna was having none of it, so my new gal did the job. And boy howdy was that somethin! Change the presser foot, position the jacket, hit a couple of buttons and Wowza, Wowza, Wowza. I am impressed. I love Janome!

I work nights and I never seem to get enough sleep. I had to get up 3 times today. Once to rent the shelter house for the annual Halloween-Birthday Bash. We have a large party for the girls each year. It is so much easier than having single birthday parties and they really enjoy the bigger party. The boys in their classes even enjoy the party, dancing, karoke, hotdogs, chili dogs, queso, candy, punch, etc.

My older daughter's birthday is in September and the younger is November so we have the party in October. Everyone dresses up including most of the adults! I keep trying to talk everyone into a Star Trek theme. My sister in law is game, she wants to be the "green girl" and she wants her husband to be Kirk. I want to be O'hura (?) and wear the red dress with boots. I told my older sister she could be the blond nurse (did I mention we are hispanic) I think it would be a hoot to get her into a wig. I told my oldest son and niece (25 year olds) they could dress in Red trekie shirts (the guys in red always get shot off first - these two are always ditching us old folks to hit the party life) that way no one would noticed when the left the party. If I could just get my dad to be scottie (he hasn't a clue) and my husband to be Spock, etc. . . One year maybe.

Back to not enough sleep, well I had to get up to take the girls to guitar lesson, but then my husband came home and he offered to do it for me. I tried to take a nap but no go, so I made dinner and laid on the couch until. . . I had to go to the PTO meeting, yes the lady with 3 jobs is also the PTO secretary. Whoo! I am trying to get on the Football volunteer list too. My son plays JV. He will never be the star but heck he didn't start playing until his freshman year and he getting a surprising amount of playing time this year (junior).

I don't have a day off until October 3rd. I have to go to my cousin's wedding - my sister roped me into serving the main table at the dinner - this folks is a hispanic wedding we don't do caterers. I just wanted to go eat mole and sit around but noooo - enough said.

Wow when I get to blogging. . . at any rate watch for pictures I plan on posting all the folklorico costumes I have sew for the girls along with other projects I have completed. Hey maybe I will even take a picture of my self - not likely but you never know.

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