Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wow - how long has it been?

Wow, I really got lazy and have not blogged. Not that anyone is really checking but blogging is good therapy.

I did get my sewing area organized. I am still sharing space with my daughter - she doesn't mind but I do. Let me first say that her room is very large 16' x 20' with a large walk in closet. I could convert her closet to my sewing room but so far she has not like this idea. See she is 13 and the baby. She hates to clean her room and use to share with her sister. Well one kid moved out so the rest moved to different rooms and now the 3 at home have their own rooms.

At any rate, when we remodeled the house some 11 years ago we did not put a door on the girls bed room, they were only 2 & 3 at the time. Well, the older one moved to her brother's old room, smaller but she is very tidy and it works well for her. The baby stayed in the larger room and hates to clean. She is getting better, but very often you can not see the floor of her room.

The joke in the family is she will get a door when she keeps her room clean for 2 months. Not spotless, just no clothing on the floor - right now you would be hard pressed to figure out what is clean and what is dirty - she says she knows and that is enough. She goes into her large walkin closet (5 x 16) and changes - privacy. The point of my long story, this is why she doesn't want me to take over her closet for my sewing room. So long as she has the closet she still has privacy and she doesn't have to keep her room picked up. It really is a win-win for her.

My dream house is off the market, still didn't sell but after almost a year they took it off the market. We are doing much better financially but realistically now would not be a good time to buy another home. Yes we could do it, but it would be better to wait. I have prayed over this "alot" and know in my heart that God will lead me to the right home at the right time. Right now doesn't feel right so I am working on "Patience". Not a strong point of mine and I have asked for learning/growing opportunities.

Nothing else new except I have a job interview on Wednesday. Now why does a woman with 3 jobs, one full time, one part time and one PRN need another job? Well, it is my hope that this other job will be similar to my full time job and I can quit the PRN job and if enough hours are available eventually quit the part time two and just have the two "easy on my body" jobs.

Pray, pray, pray. Other drama going on at work, but I won't fill the blog with the negative right now. I know things will work out I just have to keep quiet and pray for patiences and peace. I think I will cross stitch a patience and peace banner for my bedroom.

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