Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Well after almost 2 weeks, no surely only one week, I am back.

First and foremost ~ I finished BriAnna's skirt. Complete with embroidering her initials. I will get a picture before I hand it over.

So what is up for my sewing projects. Well, I have cut out one complete Cinco de Mayo skirt. I stopped after cutting the panels on this one because I am not sure if it will be long enough. It should fit my younger daughter but I think I need 2 more inches for my older daughter and the other dancer. I will get a picture of the t-shirt that inspired these costumes.

I also cut out 3 blouse patterns and for the life of me I can't remember which ones. Wait. . . I will go look on line at my patter stash on pattern review. . . be right back. . .

Okay, I'm back. First pattern is Vogue V9771 blouse. Oh, darn I can't remember the other two. but I am going to work on sewing all 3. I also bought Kwik Sew 3614 short pattern. This pattern was well reviewed on Pattern Review so I thought I would give it a try. I want to make it a stapple for my summer wardrobe.

For anyone following my blog, I am still working the 3 jobs. I will quit one job on 2/25 - at least that is my last 12 hour shift. Let me just say, God truely moves through us. I was really wanting to quit this job and praying over it but the money is good, etc. Well I was talking to a co-worker and I said "I know that God wants me move on and until I do what he wants me to do I will struggle".

Well, until I said that out loud I had not mentally figured this out. God used my own mouth to tell me something! Wow. He truely is miraclous.

Now on to my plan. I hope to sew on Friday and take pictures on Saturday. Then on Saturday and Sunday I want to work on posting my pictures - since I am new to blogging you'll wish me luck.

So what I am I sewing: 3 green skirts for Cinco de Mayo, 1 full Jalisco costume for the same, 3 white blouses to go with the green skirts, 2 summer style blouses for daily wear and 1 short sleeve dressy blouse. More to come folks!!!

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