Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I get to sleep in my own bed tonight!!!

As the title says, I get to sleep in my own bed tonight. For someone who works 6-7 nights / week this is a treat!!

I changed my schedule so I should get to have 2 designated nights in my own bed at least 2 nights / week, WOWZA!!

Yes, I have heard it all and yes my children do know they have a mother and are very well rounded independent and highly functioning individuals. And no, my husband does not cheat on me and knows very well he has a wife.

And yes I do cook on a regular basis - I just don't do regular housework - my family ~ the highly functioning individuals that live in my house (my children) are expected to clean up the nice home that is provided for them ~ and no one is aloud to say "I didn't make that mess" because if you are cleaning up after someone else and everyone is cleaning I am sure someone is cleaning up after you. And if you don't like cleaning up after others ~ remember the golden rule "do unto others as you would have others do on to you" meaning clean up after yourself and no one will end up cleaning up after anyone else. That is my husband's job, to ensure that everyone is doing their fair share and no one is abusing or being abused. Luckily they are not the type of individuals to abuse so alls good.

Okay, so I am done with my tirade but have heard it all.

This is the economy and the time we find ourselves living this day and age. A time we need be thankful for a job and enough income to cover our needs and if lucky extra. We need to relearn to be families and function together for the good and goals of all. Sacrafice and seal the bonds that connect us. I work for my family as my husband's industry is unsure at this time with frequent layoffs, thankfully he does receive unemployment during these times but it is only 40-50% if regular pay, so I work. I work hard and often and am thankful for my jobs (yes plural).

I think in general we were do a correction. For too long we had all lived in an "immediate" sociaty with the "I want it now and I will have it now" attitude. Once in a while we need a wake up call, a regrounding so to speak.

Thanks God ~ thank you for what I have, will have and have had. Thank you for lessons learned and lessons to that will be learned. Please grant me patience and knowledge. Allow me the grace to adhere to your gentle guidance and grow. And most of please hold my family safely in your hand. Thank you Lord, I love you.

God bless to all!!!!

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