Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Think I like it. . .

I have been working on my blog.  Changed,changed and changed again my template and colors ~ but now I think I've got it the way I want it!

I need to add more pictues.  Yes, I have been reading my manual!  So wish me luck.  :)

My daughter is trying to choose her high school for next year.  Right now she is enrolled in both. 

So the choice is: 

- Hayden High School - private catholic school.  Her brother is enrolled at this school currently and will be a senior next year (her freshman year) and will be available to guide her through the in's and out's. 

-Topeka High School - much larger, about 3x the student body with a larger offering of curriculum. 

She is coming out of a small private school with 26 in her graduating class.  He eldest brother went straight into Topeka High he had a small graduating class of >20.  Her other brother went straight into Hayden with the majority of his graduation class of about 26.  Both have and did well. 

She is a straight A student, plays multiple instruments and dances with the Ballet Folklorico de Topeka.  While my husband would prefer her to go to Topeka High, he would like her to go to Hayden the first year.  Just to get her feet wet so to speak.  I am very torn.  If her brother was at Topeka High it would be go for it but with him at a different high school and I am leaning towards the smaller school where most of her friends are going.  She on the other hand is torn.  While she really wants to go to Topeka High she also likes the idea of going to school with her brother and all her friends.  She has actually researched the two schools and feels she would benefit academcally from either equally.  Yes, she is a researcher.  She is very much the nerd but she is so very beautiful (not just a mother talking here) that boys are drawn to her.  She prefers to keep them as friends and is quick to explain this to the boys.  I think I will let her and her father decide, I trust my husband and I know he has his daughters best interest at heart. 

Please guide us heavely father in our time of decision, Amen. 

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