Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Quicky Post

Well, I have two ruffles done for the Cinco de Mayo Skirts - I think I posted that already.  Started on the third but then forgot to increase the font size and had to rip out the section and add fresh.  Don't jump out of bed thinking to be immediately productive - always ends up in more work - at least for me it does.

Okay, so I am drinking my protien meal substitute drinks.   Doing okay - not really loving them but hey, I want to loose weight so I must sacrafice.  Tomorrow I will really try to get pictures on the web of Colorado and the skirt progress.  Check me out tomorrow. 

Oh, here is another tidbit - if you feel in your gut you should spend the extra money to get the one really want - spend the money.  Example:  My husband is always taking my scale to the gym (he coaches boxing) for weigh in's and then will forget for a few days to bring it home.  So, I can't weigh myself.  So I bought the cheapo scale when I really wanted the scale that was $10 more.  Cheapo scale broke 2 weeks later.  So, I still don't have a scale at the home when I want one.  I knew I should have bought the more expensive one. 

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