Monday, April 19, 2010

Where have I been??

My lap top crashed!!!  Yup, the old bugger gave up the ghost and down it went.  Now, I can't complain because I have had that laptop since I started nursing school.  So it is 8-9 years old.  Toshiba and it was really nice new and I used it often but only for surfing the net, homework, studing, down loading audio books nothing major.  I paid a pretty penny for it and it was a great computer.  But this time around I am not paying so much.  I know that I am only going to use the lap top for surfing the net, uploading pictures, down loading audio books and to hook up my portable harddrive to my TV and watch movies - at least until my brother comes to town and networks my entire system, then no more TV unless I want to watch something in my room. 

So I bought a highly rated ASUS laptop from  It comes with 4GM DDR3 Memory size and 320MG harddrive ( have a 1 terabyte protable hard drive at home for storage - this equals 1000 GB, so slightly bigger than 3 of the hard drive in this new lap top, lots of storage space). 

Now, if you remember, I am a registered nurse, I have a four year degree in nursing, but my minor is computer information systems (IS) but it is old and things in the computer world have changed alot and I have not kept up.  My brother on the other hand is a compter expert, no really that is his J-O-B he gets paid bigger bucks than me for the J-O-B did I make a mistake or what???  His entire home is networked so he can watch movies on his TV's off his hard drive with a click of a remote button.  He has explained this to me and I get the whole wiring thing (he is a computer security expert and prefers hard wire for security in the home).   So, I am going to get my wires all in place and he is going to come in and do the rest and walk me through the process so I can learn more and try to keep up. 

Really cool right!  Yes but can be timely expecially if you don't know what you are doing.  Now my husband can build you a house from the ground up but give him a tv remote with too many buttons and he can't not cope.  He is so uncompter savy that the kids get him into his email. 

My new lap top has a card reader so I can easily up load my photos and up date my blog.  We have 5 computers in our house.  Desk top for family use, desk top in my son's room, each girl has a small netbook laptop (13") and I had a laptop which I used while lounging in bed.  But I have to load my photos on my main computer and then up load them or save them on a stick to transfer to my lap top - not any more. 

My son tried to get me to buy a MAC like his (oldest) but I didn't want to spend that much, not for what I am going to use it for.  I had discussed the pros & cons with my Brother last time I was in Colorado and he agreed that the MAC while very nice was more than I needed and since we are doing this cash only thing right now I rather spend 650 than 1500+ at this time.  I have two at Hayden next year the I have to start kicking out at least $500 a month starting this next month and house taxes are due next month.  Some day it will be different.  I did look at the Ipad's and they are neat but I want to be able to do a bit more (I do family budgeting and long term saving goals on my lap top too).  I did think about buying an Ipad for my daughter to replace her netbook but I think I would rather she have the capability to type her school papers in her room. 

Okay, are you asleep yet.  I was just thinking aloud or in type.  Smiles and chuckles to all!!

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