Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just thinking. . .

I was sitting here letting my mind wander and decided I wanted to put these thoughts out there. . .

Girls/Women/Ladies and the opposite sex, or same sex, what ever your pleasure (not here to judge) -
well it's like trying on shoes - they come in different shapes, colors, heels, flats, fun shoes, dull shoes, power shoes, working shoes, shoes to work out in, shoes to run around in, club shoes, "hoe" shoes, mommy shoes, etc.  Some you love and wear past the point that you know they have to go but you just can't let them go.  Others never quite break in right and you end up tossing them or giving them away.  Some looked good in the store but once you got them home they weren't what you wanted after all. 

My brother, who has four daughters, all lovely gals, sometimes stresses ~ what father wouldn't ~ about the choices his "goils" make. . . so I told him about the shoes.  When your young it's like walking into a huge warehouse shoe sale and you want to try on as many as you can because your young and heck you really don't have style yet or know what your looking for but it really is fun.  so you wear this pair for a few, walking around in another pair while admiring others, fall in and out of love with different styles, or can't decided between similar style but different color but again it's lots of fun.  Then you find the right pair - if your lucky.  Just give them a good standard to measure the shoe by and they will be okay.

Advise to my girls. . .
Never put your own business in the streets - real women don't kiss and tell, you never know who's listening or where the story may go or become. 

If you are woman enough to do, own it. 

Yes, these to go hand in hand - think about it. 

When the time comes, Have fun trying on shoes, but remember you probably aren't the first to wear them, so put on a sock ;>  

Remember you have value.  You don't have to earn anyone's love or give yourself away because they feel you should.  Don't do anything you don't feel comfortable with - if your gut says NO, then you say NO. 

Always remember where home is, it's the softest place to fall. 

Facebook is a social networking web place - if you wouldn't want the picture shown at grandma's, don't put it on the web. 

Fold the laundry when you pull it out of the dryer. 

And please remember I love you - you can ask me anything and yes I will tell you the truth even if I am not proud of it all, I will willing "own it" if you can learn from it - don't ask your dad, he was really bad, that's why I married him. 

More thoughts later.

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