Tuesday, July 20, 2010

905 pictures

There are 905 pictures on my card - that was before the last performance.  I have to sit down with my lap top and upload pictures. 

I live in Topeka, Ks.  Home of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church which holds an annual 5 day Fiesta.   http://spotted.cjonline.com/galleries/index.php?event=9248  here is a link to Fiesta Mexican 2010 on cjonline our local newspaper.  If you go to the gallerie for Ballet Folklorico 2010 page 4 you will see my older daughter.  She is the one in the white jalisco dress. 

Everynight the cops push the crowds out.  They line the street in on their motorcylces with bike and foot cops behind.  I love this part of the night.  It is really cool and I clap along with all the other people in my parents yard.  So. . . my little brother, whom I adore, decided to make it even better.  He loves music and always sets up speakers and music every night for the enjoy of those in the yard. 

He played "Bad Boys" from the TV show COP's  and it was awsome!!!!  The cops loved it and are eagerly awaiting notification of the posting of the videos (we did it the last 3 nights) on YouTube.  My daugher already has night one on her face book.  My brother has my SCD card from my camcorder and will post the last night video.  . 

I will up load links and still pictures soon!!

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