Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Books or Authors. . . and the Selfish Seamstress

I used to be an avid reader.  But then I got busy.  I use to read to the abandonement of all else - I would pick up a book and could hardly put it down until I finished.  I would put off all chores except for the most pressing.

Time passed, I got busy and my eyes don't like to focus on the small print anymore - but I can still see well enough to thread a needle (not easy to do when you are seeing double or unfocused). 

In the middle of all this (aging and child rearing), my brother turned me onto audio books.  Now I listen to books.  I hardly ever read.  I listen to audio books constantly, while I'm cooking, cleaning, sewing, cross stitching, crocheting, yard work, and when I can't sleep I put on a book and before I know it I am out.

I have all the "Sookie Stackhouse" books by Charlaine Harris - I love this series.  I do watch True Blood on HBO - but at times it is way too graphic for me.  In the books there is not all the sex - the TV version is very sexually graphic and the sex scenes are a bit much (actually why too much - but who am I to judge, just not to my liking).  My husband joins me in our bedroom every Sunday evening to watch the show.  He has not read the books and is constantly asking how things are going to end or what is going to happen to a particular character and I am constantly responding, "don't know, this is not in the book".  As is most books turned to movie or series, the series loosely follows the books.  I will not go into detail.  I will just say that I have gotten hooked on the series out of morbid curiosty as to "what will they do next".  And maybe because it is a time my husband and I share together. 

I love all books by Christopher Moore with the exception of "Fool".  My brother loved "Fool" but I could not finish the book.  I love his humor, the characters and how some characters overlap into other books.  My favorite is "Lamb" - my brother did not care for it. 

And what can I say about Janet Evanovich?  I want to hang out with Stephanie, Connie and Lula - and I would really like to oogle Joe Morrelli - not Ranger, I married Ranger, we sip wine and watch True Blood on Sundays together (only one glass of 4oz because the body is a temple).  At almost 50 my Ranger is still rock hard muscles that turn my knees to jelly. 

I need to get my pictures up loaded, sorted and posted.  I also need to clean my sewing room and get on with my next "for me" project. 

I love the "Selfish Seamstress" blog.  She is hilarious, I wish I had that sense of humor.  And her talent!  Wow.  At any rate I bring this blog up because I really need one of her shirts, particularly the one that says "I'm sewing for me, me, me, me, me" . 

ARGH!!!!  I went over to her blog, That Selfish Seamstress, and what do I find?  Again, she has just floored me with her skill.  I am speechless, appalled and JEALOUS!  She turned a pair of plaid pants into a Hat!  A hat I say with perfectly matching plaid and perfect topstitching.  I feel like the grinch, all green and hairy with envy.  I picture myself in my small little room, (green and hairy) hunched over my machine sewing all my envy into a garment that will never, I say never, equal in talent and skill to the evil, vile Selfish Seamstress.  She does this on purpose.  I truely believe that the Selfish Seamstress was put on the internet with the sole purpose of driving me to this level of envy and jealousy. 

Or maybe, says my higher more evolved self, to inspire me to try.  Thanks Selfish Seamstress for sharing (evil, needle hoarding person you). 

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