Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Up coming

It is only March but the annual Folklorico sewing has to begin. . .

Elena's needs a new Jalisco top - she's grown
Elyse needs new Sinaloa skirt - she's grown
Elyse also needs Nayarit blouse - she has moved up
Elena needs the sleeves on her Nayarit blouse changed (fuller, bell sleeves)
Elena needs Norte outfit (really!)

Sinaloa blouses - for all the older girls.  I know what I want to put on them but I am not sure he will agree. 
New white blouses for the Signature outfits, (3). 
Possibly new Nayarit blouses for the older girls along with new skirts

I better make sure they have shoes and boots, any broken heels/straps and have their feet grown??  (at $45-60 a pair I need to know now)

At this time we are not sure who will rejoin the group.  He tried to express to dancers that they needed to be around all year and not just the 2 months before Fiesta. Right now we have 3 up coming performances:  May 1st (KC), May 7th (Osage) and Cinco De Mayo (at least 3 as we will not perform at the school this year).  He does make allowance for the college age dancers but high school he asks that they make at least 4-5 practices a month.  I feel this is only fair.  Why should dancers who have practiced all year long have to share slots with dancers who only show up to dance the fiesta.  Yes, if you are away at college and have danced with the group for a few years this is understandable.  But, if you live in town and just don't show because you only want to dance in the fiesta well, you should understand when the better slots go to the ones who have been here all year. 

The girls have also joined an adult Mariachi group!!!  Wow these 14-15 year olds have talent.  My two daughters and their friend Marisol.  I am really excited for them, I wish when I had been young I would have had the same opportunities.  I think that these activities give a girl focus, confidence and sense of "being".  If you feel you have value, you value yourself.  At a young age it is very hard to learn to value yourself if no one has expressed to you that you have value.  I think this is why I made all the detours in my life, no one ever expressed to me that I had value.  Don't get me wrong, I had parents but both were lost in their own "stuff" shall I say in want of a better word. 

The boys are good.  Dom loves SA and says he is never moving back, Seb is enjoying his last year of high school, looking forward to basic training (getting it over with) and learning his job in the guard.  He is also going to take a CNA class that starts the week after graduation.  I called a good buddy of mine and he should have a job as soon as he gets done with the class.  I want him at that facility because I love the people who work there and I love the "culture" there, very family.  I no longer work there but after 5 years it was time to move on and grow in my profession.  I will always consider it a "home" and I speak very highly of this facility when asked about it, they do good work and have awesome staff.  I salute you KRH. 

And me, well, you know I am definately not the calm in the storm but rather the storm in the midst of calm.  Thank you Lord for my loving husband, he is a grounding force in my life.  And praise be he is still working -

I ask that anyone who reads this will pray for our economy and the millions who have struggled with layoffs and unemployment.  My husband a union carpenter has be off more than he has worked in the last 18 months as have many of his union brothers/sisters.  If it had not been for the grace of god steering me to go to nursing school 10 years ago we would be struggling.  Thank you God. 

Happy sewing!

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