Monday, June 20, 2011

Again, I fell of the blogger globe!

I had two kids graduate.  My sweet Sabi from High School and my baby, Baby Little Cow from 8th grade.  Yes this is a big deal! 

We had the large family party with lots of food and good times.  Don't know if I mentioned but Sebastian enlisted with the Air National Guard.  He enlisted at 17, so late fall, end of foot ball season.  We could not get dates for basic training as things are crazy all over.  And then. . . he woke me up Friday to tell me he was leaving Tuesday! 

My older son has been in the ANG for 9+years and it has been very good to and for him.  Currently he is living in Texas.  He had some stuff to take care of here at home so he took a few days off from his job (a contract position he was able to get due to his experience with the ANG).  Right this moment he is driving home from TX, making the 12 hour drive overnight to see his brother off and support his cry baby momma. 

WOW.  A summer without my boys.  Tears, water works!  Yes, I am a sobbing mess the last few days, tear up at a drop of a hat.  My husband says he's just bummed because he has to mow the 3 yards Seb mows (ours, his brothers, and his grandmother's).  My husband seems to think my girls are going to learn to mow, don't think so.  They clean house and do the laundry.  I think I will take to mowing one of the yards and help hubby with the other two.  I think it will hit my husband when Seb's been gone a week or two.  This is the baby boy.    

Right now I am working on a Charro skirt for my daughter.  Pretty easy.  This is a long straight skirt with darts front & back, no waist band, zipper in the back, back slit for mobility and then decreative trim on the sides.  Should only take 3-4 hours max.  But, it was Father's day (happy Father's Day!!) and I am still working my 60-70 hour weeks. 

I have one Norte costume on the "construction table".  I have the blouse completed.  I am waiting on ribbon for the skirt.  I buy from a variety of online companies for my ribbon.  The color I used this time was Citrus.  It is only available from one online vendor so I was trapped.  I say trapped because I hate to buy from this company if in a hurry because they are very slow shipper.  So keep your fingers crossed for me. 
I have a Jalisco to make.  I am planning on making this next week.  It will be bright orange with white, yellow, hunter green and either purple or royal blue ribbon.  It should be very pretty. 

One satin shirt for Nayarit.  One of the guys wants a bright green shirt. 

And for my girls. . . lots to remake & alter.  One jalisco top to remake (she grew), one jalisco skirt to shorten (hopefully she will grow), one Nayarit blouse to change the sleeves, one Nayarit skirt to finish, just need to add the ruffle, a new slip (she grew). . . we shall see.  The panic has not reach full height but I can feeling it climbing. 

Biggest news. . . I am getting my own sewing room.  Yes, it's true, I am coming out of the closet!  I shall no longer sew in my daughter's walkin closet.  My younger son moved into his older brother's house, my daughter is moving into his room and I get her room!!!!!! 

I plan to have one wall covered with shelves.  A double sewing station back to back for the girls.  A cutting table that doubles as ironing table with storage for underneath, and then my sewing area!  I will be on the furthest wall from the door, I will have L shaped table for my sewing machine and serger.  A embroidery station and then shelves 3/4 up at least 3 shelves.  I will have my thread holders on the wall for quick access and baskets for on going projects.  The girls stations will be made with narrow 3 shelve units with a 2 foot top.  Back to back.  I will purchase that laminated partical board stuff available from Walmart, Target, etc.  I have used this in the past and made my mom a sewing table out of it and it works great.  My husband will reinforce after I put it together. They will have 6 shelves each for storage.  this will be for on going projects as they use my thread and most of my tools. 

The cutting table with be 4x4, secured to the wall and with same narrow shelving units as legs.  I will post a picture.  Open area underneath I will store the rolling cases for the machines.  I will cover the top with padding for ironing and when cutting will place my card board cutting board on top.  Right now I lay the cutting board on my bed and cut.  It will be hip height.  I will put skirting on to hid the storage area. 

Then one wall of shelves!!!  can you imagine it?  all my material, organized.  My patterns neatly organized in baskets (maybe 4-6 baskets, sectioned off by garmet type or maybe maker?).  A section for my cross stitch tools, and another for yarn. 

My goal is to post pictures of all my progress and be a real sewing blogger!  Blog at you soon.

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