Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Where's Eugenia?

One of the blogs I follow is Eugenia's Fabulous World of Fashion.  Does anyone know what happened to Eugenia?  She dropped off the blog world 6 months ago.  She was pretty good at posting 1-2 times per week and is a wonderful streamstress. 

Funny how I worry about someone I have never met and who lives in another country.  I have even talked to my co-workers about her and from time to time they will ask if I have heard anything. 

Well, Eugenia, if you ever read this, know that I think of you often.  God bless you and I hope all is well. 

Next I wonder, what happened to Janet?  I don't remember Janet's last name.  Last time I saw Janet I was 7 years old.  We lived in Hawian Gardens, CA for a short while.  And I went to Bloomfield grade school.  Janet had red hair and was my best friend.  I hope she too got out of Hawian Gardens. From what I am told it is gang infested.  My sister returned as an adult with her husband once.  She found that of the 20+ kids on the block most of the boys where dead or in jail.  All the girl friends we had became mothers in their teens.  She forgot to ask about Janet.  But Janet was one of the only white girls living near us.  Most of the kids on our block and surrounding blocks were Mexican.  Funny, My sister and I were the only Mexican kids that only spoke English.  Alot of the kids thought that was funny but our parents were raised in Kansas.  At the time our parents were growing up you did not speak spanish in public.  My mother was once slapped in the grocery store for speaking to her mother in spanish, not by her mother but by a woman who loudly informed her and my grandmother that they could not speak "that language in public".  Janet, hope you too got out and are living a blessed life. 

What Happened to Riki?  She was my best friend in 4-6 th grades.  She was from Sweden and we both lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan for a short time while our father's went to school.  My Dad completed his PhD and we moved to Topeka to be closer to my siblings.   I bet she returned to Sweden and has 2 kids, both blond like Riki and is living a blessed life. 

Do you ever wonder what happened to the people who passed through your life?  I have lived in Topeka, this time, since I was 25 years old.  I have been with my husband since I was 26 years old and the same basic people have been in my life.  I don't worry much about the people in high school, I run into them from time to time.  As I lived in Topeka from 7th grad to 20 years old. 

I lived in Germany for four years.  I liked it but wish I had gone with my present husband. 

Okay, that's enough wondering.  I have a workout to complete, yard to weed before it gets hot, some sewing to do, manicure, and have to be at work at 7p.  Oh, and my son is coming home for a long weekend.  WELCOME HOME PUMPKIN~

My Family, Paul in the middle, Sebastian in uniform, this was his basic training graduation weekend and it was hot, Elyse hanging over Sebastian, Elena on the ground with me and in the orange, my Pumpkin, Dominic who lives in San Antonia because he likes breaking his mother's heart, no he has a good job and the economy sucks in Topeka.  I cried like a baby when I left my two boys in SA.   That was last Summer.  I am still trying to get rid of the fat roll. 

So, if you ever wonder, What happened to Veronica?  She's living in Topeka with the love of her life, Paul.  Has four brilliant children who are perfect (made by God for me) in every way.  She went to Washburn University, completed her BSN and is now a Registered Nurse.  That was a long time ago.  Has 2 large dogs and a grandpuppy, and will live in her home she loves that her husband completely gutted and remodled, just for her, unless the Church decides to offer a lot of money, and then she will move, other wise. . . I'm a staying right here on good old R---- Street.  The only house on the block surrounded by the church's parking lots.  Life is good!  

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