Monday, June 4, 2012

Progress. . .

Jalisco skirt number 1 (light blue one), shorted, waist band re-attached!  Yeah, this skirt even has one performance under it's belt (or re-attached waist band, haha). 

Jalisco top number 1 (orange), dancer measured, and all alterations completed, it only took one day (about 4 hours).  I shorted the body of the blouse, took about 6.5 inches off the waist, applied darts in the front and back for better fitting and had to adjust the sleeves.  Good Job Angel at loosing the weight! 

Jalisco skirt number 3 (white).  Panels cut, serge and sewn together (12 in all).  Ruffle cut, serged, attached and all four ribbons sewn on.  Waiting on JKM Ribbon to send me more lace or I will have to pull of the old skirt and apply to the new, what a pain. 

Jalisco skirt number 2 (purple).  just need to apply waist band and suspenders. 

Jalisco top number 2 (purple), will fit dancer Tuesday. 

Embroidered tops to match skirts.  One done (turquoise).  This weekend will have to be weekend of speed!  I want to knock out one Jalisco top.  If I could get the puple Jalisco finished this weekend I will be ahead of the game (I only work 5 12's and an 8 this week).   READY, set, SEW!!!  

Pictures later!

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  1. HI Veronica, I stop going on my blog but may have to jump back in. I was reading your blog. I don't see any pictures how it turn out on the Jalisco skirt, shirt etc. I may need your advice. I want to make the white blousa for my daughter and I don't have the time to buy one from online and I thought why not make one. then it stop me what kind a fabric is best to use? the broadcloth? 50% cotton and 50%polyester? i can sew but not an expert and I don't even own a serger and sound like I should get one if I can afford it. will you show any pictures how to make a practice skirt? I made a double circle then I kinda got stuck when I try to make the ruffle at the bottom and ended up doing hand sew and it was such a pain!