Monday, February 18, 2013

Every post for the last year seems to begin with . . . Where have I been?

Sorry.  I have been. . . working, sewing, cross stitching and hanging with the family.  I have lots to post and again I pledge to be a better blogger. 

I will add pictures later and my goal this year is to post weekly.  And dare I say it, loose the 25 pounds I lost and regained over the last 2 years, and, drum roll please, I am ready to join the RTW Fast!!!  Oh my! 

I am also gearing up for Fiesta sewing.  Wow!  Usually he waits until May to tell me what we need by July but his year we are focused. 

On the list:  8 Michocan costumes, 8 China Plobano costumes all for girls age 6-10.  Full slips for all the older girls.  I will make the top out of broadcloth and the bottom out of ambiance lining.  The top will be tank with drawstring waist and then less than one circle attached skirt.  I believe I have over 20 to make. 

I have three Jalisco's to make.  One is adult size and the skirt is done.  The next two are for preteen girls one lavender and then other I am not sure. . .

I have five Nayarette costumes to make in teenage/adult size.  Two are for my girls and the skirts are done, I just have to make the satin tops with bell sleaves. 

I will be working my standard five 12 hours shifts per week, but I am done wining.  I have refocused and am out of my cry baby stage, thank God I moved out of it over a year ago maybe two.  I am also working out six days a week again and will start training for a 5K next month.  Right now I do 15 minutes weights, 5 minutes abs and 40 minutes on the eliptical three days a week and the other 3 are cardio so I either walk an hour or 40 minutes on the eliptical. 

So what to do with the RTW fast, well, I have losts of clothes in my closet that don't fit.  I would say 90% are too small.  Very sad I know.  And when I lost the last 25 I was at 25% still too snug to fit but the rest were fine.  So I begin again!  What happened?  I broke my foot and it cut into my exercising.  I was in so much pain that I didn't do anything but lay around and eat.  I tried to exercise but then would end up with a swollen foot for 2-3 days and never ending pain.  I refuse to buy any more clothes. 

My foot is kinda healed but I believe I will have to have surgery at some point.  I have lost mobility and because my great toe can not bend forward I can no longer wear heels!!  No that is a crime for a vain woman like me.  I like my heels even though I don't wear them often.  So, I going to loose this weight over the next 6 months, train and run the 5K and then see the good Doc about my foot.  I still have constant pain and some numbness from time to time but I don't want to put off my work out any more. 

Dare you ask about my kiddos?  One still in Texas working a good job.  One working part time, in the National Guard and going to school full time.  One a Junior in high school and rocking a 4.0 to 4.3.  And my baby, little Miss Meany, is a sophmore in high school.  She has worked hard and is now rocking her own 4.0.  I have nerds, the last three are not dating and are content to be single.  My husband and I are relieved as the last two are girls and we like that they are drama free girls. 

My son is still on the quest for the right girl.  What to say other than he likes to try and fit square pegs into round holes.  He wants to be in a committed relationship sooooo bad.  He is 6'2", done with college, well traveled, in the Guard for the last 10 years.  Owns a house here but lives in Texas.  He is good looking, funny, smart so what is the problem?  He picks the wrong girls and then spends years trying to make it work.   You got a daughter?  Are you under 30?  He has no kids and is looking for a girl who is focused on the future, done or finishing with her education, girl that likes to travel and is willing to build a relationship and commit to a couple years of marriage before babies.  He does want babies and would be happy with 2-5 or what ever the good Lord brings.  Prayers welcome!

See you next week!!!

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