Friday, March 29, 2013

Does this ever happen at your house?

Five vehicles, we have five vehicles.  Three broke down this weekend.  My beloved Astro Van, alternator went out.  I had just paid $257 to have my daughter's brake line blah, blah, blah fixed.  I stopped listening when my husband was explaining.  Then it was going to be another $300 for my van, but we are doing this cash only thing and well, I figured I could wait three days.  I often have one of the kids or my husband cart me around anyway.  My brother-law was busy said he would do it Tuesday and save me a few bucks.  It's Wednesday, he got busy. 

Then, the battery went dead in the Jeep.  I know, buy a new one, Right?  No, per my sons and husband, that battery isn't that old.  So, they bought a battery charger and have charged it 3 days in row now.  Hmmm.  Now, does anyone know where the receipt is for the battery?  per son two, "your other son bought it and you know what happens to receipts with him."

Then, yes, car number three, flat tire.  Well that's easy right? No.  This car has been "lowered" and rides on skinny tires that are almost $200 a pop.  Very sensative to temperature changes.  Apparently, the tire ate a nail.  Bad tire, bad tire, don't eat nails!  :0

So what is running?  My husbands 2001 Chevy Pickup, 335,000 miles still rolling and with a purring engine, he is determine to roll to 400,000.  My daughter's 1989 Buick Park Avenue, this is a dream car, 92,000 original miles!!! My parents and Mother-in-law love this car.  It's like riding on a couch, so comfy and smooth ride.  My 20 year old son also wishes he would have taken the car when we offered it too him.  His loss, sisters gain!  My 29 year old son, who is very car savy and I wish he was in town, says "that is a good car".  I had a guy stop me in the parking lot at the fabric store last week to tell me how much he loved his Buick and wishes he had never sold it, apparently it was just like my daughters but blue.

What to do, what to do?  Son 2 borrowed his sister's car, dropped off both sisters at school, is getting the tire fixed as we speak.  then he will drive home, put the fixed tire back on, come pick me up at work, then back home to pick up his car, then to the High School to drop off sister's car and then I can go to bed.  Sometime this evening someone will pick up my Van from my BIL. The battery in the Jeep - don't ask me.  It's a guy thing. 

We are buying son 2 a new car this summer.  I'm done. 

Yes, I know, you're waiting on Nayarit Pictures.  There coming ~ Sorry!

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