Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Praying. . .

Yesterday I made a quick post about my update to "how to make a Jalisco" page.  In retrospect, it might seem that I was being callous not to mention all the people suffering loss and destruction in Oklahoma.  I wasn't. 

My brother lives in OK City and has for many years.  He has a sweet family whom I love dearly and don't get too see often enough. 

Luckily he was out of the path of the Tornado, he and his family were traveling but on their way home when the weather attacked.  They decided to detour to stay with other family North of the OKC area but still in OK. 

His job will put him in the work effort of rebuilding and support to the community affected.  He was focused on friends and family in the area as well as calling in orders from the road. 

I remember him telling me that he once raced home with a Tornado on the ground in OKC.  He said he got home just in time to take shelter in a closet with his family. 

I have been guilty of over immersing myself in the news and crying at the loss of life, destruction and the brave spirit of the folks in Moore, OK.  My post yesterday was an effort to pull myself out of the sadness.  My prayers are certainly with the Brave and Resilient People of Moore.  God Bless you everyone. 

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