Friday, August 5, 2011

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July is OVER

July is over, thank you God.  We leave for Sebastian's graduation in TX soon.  Can't wait to see him.  He has done well at Basic Training ~ So Proud.

Fiesta was good, but HOT~!

Okay things that have been happening.  Well. . . if you have read my older post  you will see I am a bit of a whiner.  Okay, I don't whine but this blog has become an outlet for my inner whiner.  At any rate, my older post contain my "sad tale of woe" relating to the battle to get my husband to get some stuff done in my house. 

I am currently in a 10 day stretch (10 days of working 12 hour shifts in a row).  But after we get back from TX I plan to post pictures of all that we have gotten done. 

Seb moved out, so Elena is moving down stairs.  First we had to rip out the closet in the downstairs room so my husband could fix some plumbing issues in the upstairs bathroom.  DONE!  Plumbing fixed. 

Next, I wanted a larger shower and I wanted tiles not a drop in shower wall thingy with doors.  Well, he bought me a whirlpool tub!  And he tiled it!  OMG!  Picture is almost done.  But this has been a job, not cheap and he hates to spend money so he didn't talk for 2 weeks.  Tub and tile - DONE.

Then repair the closet and put in shelves that the girl wanted.  DONE. 

Paint said room and closet and shelves.  Almost done - the girl is doing the painting and she is a bit slow but it is a big job.

Fix a hole in the ceiling from the orginial ceiling light fixture - suppose to be done tomorrow.

Move the girl down stairs - waiting on the paint job to be finished.

then. . . SEWING ROOM~!   Yeah!! 

Okay, so like (channeling some 80's here), I am taking pictures and am going to post them.  I know, I know I say that all the time but they are coming.  Once I have my sewing room I am going to really get on the stick with sewing and hopefully blogging on a regular basis.  I also hope to post pictures of some of the costumes I have sewn. 

I really feel in my gut that my life is about to under go some major changes over the next 12 months.  I am excited.  Ready for the changes.  I do see more time off and less work.  I also see spending more time on the things I want to do. 

I do know for sure that I am entering into a new phase in my life.  I have recently lost 25 pounds.  I know the counter thing on my blog shows 19 but it starts with me at 185, to be truthful, I stopped looking at the scale when I hit 195.  Yeah, sad but true on my 5'6" form. 

I also know that the reason I had to undergo this time in my life was, well, so many reasons.  One good reason is I grew.  Grew as a nurse.  One of my jobs is in a LTAC.  We take care of ventalited patients, alot of high risk airways, major/complex wounds, complex/mutiple illness patient's and unfortunately quite a few codes.  I have grown as a nurse.  I work with alot of ICU nurses who often comment "If I had this patient in the ICU I would only have him and not four others."  They say many of our patient's, such as high risk airways and critical drips are ICU level and many don't stick it out.  It will be 3 years in September and this July 2 years as a charge nurse.  I am not super nurse, is there really such a thing? But I am a strong nurse.  And I am thankful for the growth opportunity.  I also am not a nurse with a big ego.  I don't point out or look for other's errors to make myself look good (I hate those kind of nurses, they ruin the flow and energy on the floor).  I will mentor anyone and do.  I tell most of the new nurse who find themselves stuggling or feeling over whelmed, "I have gone home in tears, I have cried myself to sleep, I have felt sick with dread and on the verge of vomitting thinking of coming back here.  But, I made it and I can say this place will make you as a nurse.  Take your time, ask for help, if I am here grab me, I will you help you get through the shift and help you get into your flow."  I have seen many of them make it with encouragement, mentoring and some help on the floor.  And I have grown as a person and as a nurse.  Thank you God. 

My next journey?  Well, time will tell. 

I am hoping my husband goes back to work soon.  It has been hard on him as a man to watch his wife have to carry the load.  It has beaten up his ego and he is not the type to admit or talk about it, so we don't.  These have been the roughest years in our marriage, the last 2.5-3.  But well, we are making it.  I guess he summed it up one day after a particularly grueling week filled with anger and some fighting.  I said, "just go."  As I was pulling PJ's out of the drawer to head for the shower.  he walked away and came back and said, pointing his finger back forth at each of us, "I'll go, but I will be back, because this (still pointing that finger) doesn't end, this (still the finger) is forever."  I responded with half a smile "I know, but you need to check on your mom, see you later." 

My MIL is older and he checks on her daily.  And he did come back soon, only a couple of hours later.   Marriage isn't easy but I do think it is worth the work.  My husband is very good to me, he does house work, laundry, excellent father, and he tries very hard to support me all the while handicapped with his "traditional latin male" upbringing.  And yes, he wears a tool belt and a hard hat and at 50 no pot belly and still has the guns.  Yes he's a hottie!  I look forward to traveling with him.  To having time alone together.  I look forward to the empty nest ~ just a short one because I also look forward to grandkids. 

Dominic if you read this please give me 3 more years, Sebi - cover it up, you're way too young!  Girls - don't even think about it, I said grandmother not raising another baby, you two aren't even at the way too young stage, you're still babies!  LOVE MY KIDS ~ THANK U GOD!  LOVE MY HUSBAND ~ YOU OUT DID YOURSELF LORD!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Again, I fell of the blogger globe!

I had two kids graduate.  My sweet Sabi from High School and my baby, Baby Little Cow from 8th grade.  Yes this is a big deal! 

We had the large family party with lots of food and good times.  Don't know if I mentioned but Sebastian enlisted with the Air National Guard.  He enlisted at 17, so late fall, end of foot ball season.  We could not get dates for basic training as things are crazy all over.  And then. . . he woke me up Friday to tell me he was leaving Tuesday! 

My older son has been in the ANG for 9+years and it has been very good to and for him.  Currently he is living in Texas.  He had some stuff to take care of here at home so he took a few days off from his job (a contract position he was able to get due to his experience with the ANG).  Right this moment he is driving home from TX, making the 12 hour drive overnight to see his brother off and support his cry baby momma. 

WOW.  A summer without my boys.  Tears, water works!  Yes, I am a sobbing mess the last few days, tear up at a drop of a hat.  My husband says he's just bummed because he has to mow the 3 yards Seb mows (ours, his brothers, and his grandmother's).  My husband seems to think my girls are going to learn to mow, don't think so.  They clean house and do the laundry.  I think I will take to mowing one of the yards and help hubby with the other two.  I think it will hit my husband when Seb's been gone a week or two.  This is the baby boy.    

Right now I am working on a Charro skirt for my daughter.  Pretty easy.  This is a long straight skirt with darts front & back, no waist band, zipper in the back, back slit for mobility and then decreative trim on the sides.  Should only take 3-4 hours max.  But, it was Father's day (happy Father's Day!!) and I am still working my 60-70 hour weeks. 

I have one Norte costume on the "construction table".  I have the blouse completed.  I am waiting on ribbon for the skirt.  I buy from a variety of online companies for my ribbon.  The color I used this time was Citrus.  It is only available from one online vendor so I was trapped.  I say trapped because I hate to buy from this company if in a hurry because they are very slow shipper.  So keep your fingers crossed for me. 
I have a Jalisco to make.  I am planning on making this next week.  It will be bright orange with white, yellow, hunter green and either purple or royal blue ribbon.  It should be very pretty. 

One satin shirt for Nayarit.  One of the guys wants a bright green shirt. 

And for my girls. . . lots to remake & alter.  One jalisco top to remake (she grew), one jalisco skirt to shorten (hopefully she will grow), one Nayarit blouse to change the sleeves, one Nayarit skirt to finish, just need to add the ruffle, a new slip (she grew). . . we shall see.  The panic has not reach full height but I can feeling it climbing. 

Biggest news. . . I am getting my own sewing room.  Yes, it's true, I am coming out of the closet!  I shall no longer sew in my daughter's walkin closet.  My younger son moved into his older brother's house, my daughter is moving into his room and I get her room!!!!!! 

I plan to have one wall covered with shelves.  A double sewing station back to back for the girls.  A cutting table that doubles as ironing table with storage for underneath, and then my sewing area!  I will be on the furthest wall from the door, I will have L shaped table for my sewing machine and serger.  A embroidery station and then shelves 3/4 up at least 3 shelves.  I will have my thread holders on the wall for quick access and baskets for on going projects.  The girls stations will be made with narrow 3 shelve units with a 2 foot top.  Back to back.  I will purchase that laminated partical board stuff available from Walmart, Target, etc.  I have used this in the past and made my mom a sewing table out of it and it works great.  My husband will reinforce after I put it together. They will have 6 shelves each for storage.  this will be for on going projects as they use my thread and most of my tools. 

The cutting table with be 4x4, secured to the wall and with same narrow shelving units as legs.  I will post a picture.  Open area underneath I will store the rolling cases for the machines.  I will cover the top with padding for ironing and when cutting will place my card board cutting board on top.  Right now I lay the cutting board on my bed and cut.  It will be hip height.  I will put skirting on to hid the storage area. 

Then one wall of shelves!!!  can you imagine it?  all my material, organized.  My patterns neatly organized in baskets (maybe 4-6 baskets, sectioned off by garmet type or maybe maker?).  A section for my cross stitch tools, and another for yarn. 

My goal is to post pictures of all my progress and be a real sewing blogger!  Blog at you soon.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hello, any one out there?

Just a brief note to say, yes I am still alive and kicking. 

I am a long straight of 12 hours shifts and that's why I have been absent.  I know I have promised pictures, but have yet to deliver.  I am working on a day home in bed, like that's going to happen. 

At any rate.  I have been crocheting and cross stitching and do have pictures to load. 

But on a personal note. . . I am pursing a "bucket list" item.  More later, I don't want to jinx myself.  Just keep you fingers crossed for me!

sing, sing a song, make it simple to last your whole life long.  don't worry if it's not good enough. . . keep singing.  I love the oldies, dont' you. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Up coming

It is only March but the annual Folklorico sewing has to begin. . .

Elena's needs a new Jalisco top - she's grown
Elyse needs new Sinaloa skirt - she's grown
Elyse also needs Nayarit blouse - she has moved up
Elena needs the sleeves on her Nayarit blouse changed (fuller, bell sleeves)
Elena needs Norte outfit (really!)

Sinaloa blouses - for all the older girls.  I know what I want to put on them but I am not sure he will agree. 
New white blouses for the Signature outfits, (3). 
Possibly new Nayarit blouses for the older girls along with new skirts

I better make sure they have shoes and boots, any broken heels/straps and have their feet grown??  (at $45-60 a pair I need to know now)

At this time we are not sure who will rejoin the group.  He tried to express to dancers that they needed to be around all year and not just the 2 months before Fiesta. Right now we have 3 up coming performances:  May 1st (KC), May 7th (Osage) and Cinco De Mayo (at least 3 as we will not perform at the school this year).  He does make allowance for the college age dancers but high school he asks that they make at least 4-5 practices a month.  I feel this is only fair.  Why should dancers who have practiced all year long have to share slots with dancers who only show up to dance the fiesta.  Yes, if you are away at college and have danced with the group for a few years this is understandable.  But, if you live in town and just don't show because you only want to dance in the fiesta well, you should understand when the better slots go to the ones who have been here all year. 

The girls have also joined an adult Mariachi group!!!  Wow these 14-15 year olds have talent.  My two daughters and their friend Marisol.  I am really excited for them, I wish when I had been young I would have had the same opportunities.  I think that these activities give a girl focus, confidence and sense of "being".  If you feel you have value, you value yourself.  At a young age it is very hard to learn to value yourself if no one has expressed to you that you have value.  I think this is why I made all the detours in my life, no one ever expressed to me that I had value.  Don't get me wrong, I had parents but both were lost in their own "stuff" shall I say in want of a better word. 

The boys are good.  Dom loves SA and says he is never moving back, Seb is enjoying his last year of high school, looking forward to basic training (getting it over with) and learning his job in the guard.  He is also going to take a CNA class that starts the week after graduation.  I called a good buddy of mine and he should have a job as soon as he gets done with the class.  I want him at that facility because I love the people who work there and I love the "culture" there, very family.  I no longer work there but after 5 years it was time to move on and grow in my profession.  I will always consider it a "home" and I speak very highly of this facility when asked about it, they do good work and have awesome staff.  I salute you KRH. 

And me, well, you know I am definately not the calm in the storm but rather the storm in the midst of calm.  Thank you Lord for my loving husband, he is a grounding force in my life.  And praise be he is still working -

I ask that anyone who reads this will pray for our economy and the millions who have struggled with layoffs and unemployment.  My husband a union carpenter has be off more than he has worked in the last 18 months as have many of his union brothers/sisters.  If it had not been for the grace of god steering me to go to nursing school 10 years ago we would be struggling.  Thank you God. 

Happy sewing!

Monday, March 14, 2011

OMG - where did I go?

Well, I went to work!  Yes, the woman who already worked alot worked some more. 

I have come to a better place in my mind though.  We we last left off I was pretty whiney, having a mental pitty party and generally no fun.

Well, I am okay now.  I have gotten over working so much.  Yes, someday I would like to work less but I have a 3 year plan and I am feeling much, much better about things. 

So. . . what has happened?  My eldest moved away.  Broke my heart, spread his wings and flew.  He took a contract job with a major company in Texas.  Luv U Baby.  He is doing good.

My second eldest is graduating high school soon.  He enlisted in the Air National Guard, like his brother.  We don't have basic training dates but we shall all go to watch him graduate when the time comes.

My daughter made Superior Honors for the first semester and is loving High school.  Thanks God.

My youngest, my sweet, evil, short Cow.  Long story about the name but no it is not an insult, and she is okay with the name.  She is beautiful and petite and absolutely intelligent and drama free.  She has working on being more loving to her mommy and is doing more around the house to help the mommy.  (she's 14, what a wonderful age). 

My husband, well after reading some of my posted and unposted blogs (there were some) I can happily say. . . I am over myself.  He is still the most wonderful, supportive husband who only acts like he has no clue because I don't make his life easy and he never knows how I will act so he truly has no clue.  But, given a hint he always does the right thing. 

Life is good and getting better.

Sewing?  Well, I successfully replaced 2 jean zippers for a co-worker.  I was nervous never having tackled anything like this but it went well.  Made a blouse, fixed some things and just well, not much.  I have been cross stitching and crocheting so not all my time has gone to work and rot. 

I am gearing up for my annual fiesta sewing but hopefully it will not be so crazy.  I will be focused this year on costumes for the older dancers.  Here we go!!!