Tuesday, October 12, 2010

OMG, it's been a month. . .

So. . . my yard is clean but it slightly resembles a construction site.  As my husband works to enclose the front porch.  The dogs are a bit put out because it is not so easy to get under the porch but I think they will like it in the winter as it will have 3 stone support walls and an opening near the stairs only big enough for my 150 pound big guy to get under.  Yes, he's a big dog. 

Well, costume one is about done and I need to get my boogie in gear!  We are going to Atchison, KS for the haunted Trolley ride on Oct 29th!  Much fun!!

My younger son enlisted in the ANG (Air Nation Guard).  He is looking more and more grown up.  I have found myself crying because I fear that this may be the last Christmas I will have all four home.  Why borrow worries?  I know I am guilty, but they are my life. 

I know, I know I need to post pictures.  Well look out because when I do there will be alot!!!!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

No, I did not fall of the face of the earth but. . .

Did I ever mention my daughters' nic names?  Jane and Sue.  Aka, Cry Baby Jane and Sing along Sue.  They were attached to me at my hips.  Jane liked a few people and Sue only like her grandma's and me, she didn't even like her dad.  Now that was a sight to watch, my carpenter husband, a real man's man, romance his youngest child.  She really had no use for him.  When I wasn't home she hid behind her sister or her brothers.

By the time Sue was 2 she had grown to like her Dad, her brothers, both grandmas, one grandpa, and her aunts.  She did not like males other than the ones listed.  She didn't speak until she was 3 and then she would only speak to a few people.  She was very petite and would often whisper into my ear "I don't like him". 

Now, my girls are 14 months apart.  And they are very close.  But everything comes easy to Jane the older of the two.  She is very gifted in school, straight A's, and music, she plays multiple instruments and is a wonderful dancer.  Sue, well she is a little more laid back.  She loves to read, will get all A's and one B every report card, also plays multiple instruments but doesn't have the same love for it and she dances as well but again she does not have the same love for it, I believe she is still finding her nitch. 

Sue does love to watch me sew and she has expressed an interest in learning to sew.  She also intends to go into the National Guard like her older brothers and become a physician.  So she does have a master plan.  Where as Jane is still trying things out and enjoying every minute of every new thing she tries. 

I am currently sewing halloween costumes.  I will post pictures later today of Sue's partially finished costume.  It is too cute! 

So I had a come to Jesus meeting with my husband.  Now, I don't like to nag and I really love my husband.  he is hot, sexy, kind, supportive, great dad and funny.  But, he is not a house cleaner, cook or yard guy.  Everyone in my family and most in our neighborhood have these great yards.  Well manicured and landscaped.  We use to when I only worked part time.  But over the last six years I have had to work more and more. 

Now add the following: 2 very large digging dogs, an older home that needs some outside attention - (did I mention he was a carpenter?)  and a tired night nurse who works 135 hours every two weeks (62 one week and 73 the next then start over) and you have a lady who has no engery to do house work let alone yard work.  I get so embarrased when I pull up to my house.  I am really ashamed of the way it looks. 

So I did it.  I let him know I was past the fork test, I was past done.  I needed him to fully partner up or it was going to get ugly.  I don't know about where you live but here in Kansas the union carpenters are not working.  We know guys who have been off for a year, the lucky ones only 3-6 months.  But the way it is running most will work a few weeks then be off a couple of months and so on. 

On August 31st we received a letter from the carpenters union dated 8/31/2010 that informed us that my husband had not worked the required 700 hours in  6 month period and as of 9/1/2010 we have no health care insurance.  WOW.  Way to let us know in advance.  I really think the union has begun to suck big time.  Our union has just merged, been taken over, what ever you want to call it by St Louis carpenters union and they are suppose to be a really strong union - we shall see, right now "not impressing me much". 

Luckily for us, we sent yours truely back to school a few years ago and I am a registered nurse with a BSN (yes I have a college education - thanks honey).  So this momma floats the boat.  I called up my wonderful full time employer whom I love (thanks uncle Sam) and picked up health care benefits for the family. 

So, I have given my husband very clear instructions, we will not have this conversation again in six weeks (yes that is how it has been for the last 2 years).   My yard will look like the neighbors and my house will be as clean as my mothers.  He will partner up NOW or we shall see how bad I can rock this boat because while I love him, I am starting to feel resentful.  Why should I work and come home to a hot mess??  Yes my kids and him do alot to help but they slip and slide.  They will do good for a while and then back slide.  When I worked only 40 hours /week I did it all well, now I can't and I refuse.  He is not working therefore I feel my expectation of him doing it all is not unreasonable.  And actually if he would just tend to the outside of the house I would be very happy.  My girls are good about helping me clean house & in an hour we can have the whole house clean. 

Please pray for calm waters, I hate a rocking boat. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Books or Authors. . . and the Selfish Seamstress

I used to be an avid reader.  But then I got busy.  I use to read to the abandonement of all else - I would pick up a book and could hardly put it down until I finished.  I would put off all chores except for the most pressing.

Time passed, I got busy and my eyes don't like to focus on the small print anymore - but I can still see well enough to thread a needle (not easy to do when you are seeing double or unfocused). 

In the middle of all this (aging and child rearing), my brother turned me onto audio books.  Now I listen to books.  I hardly ever read.  I listen to audio books constantly, while I'm cooking, cleaning, sewing, cross stitching, crocheting, yard work, and when I can't sleep I put on a book and before I know it I am out.

I have all the "Sookie Stackhouse" books by Charlaine Harris - I love this series.  I do watch True Blood on HBO - but at times it is way too graphic for me.  In the books there is not all the sex - the TV version is very sexually graphic and the sex scenes are a bit much (actually why too much - but who am I to judge, just not to my liking).  My husband joins me in our bedroom every Sunday evening to watch the show.  He has not read the books and is constantly asking how things are going to end or what is going to happen to a particular character and I am constantly responding, "don't know, this is not in the book".  As is most books turned to movie or series, the series loosely follows the books.  I will not go into detail.  I will just say that I have gotten hooked on the series out of morbid curiosty as to "what will they do next".  And maybe because it is a time my husband and I share together. 

I love all books by Christopher Moore with the exception of "Fool".  My brother loved "Fool" but I could not finish the book.  I love his humor, the characters and how some characters overlap into other books.  My favorite is "Lamb" - my brother did not care for it. 

And what can I say about Janet Evanovich?  I want to hang out with Stephanie, Connie and Lula - and I would really like to oogle Joe Morrelli - not Ranger, I married Ranger, we sip wine and watch True Blood on Sundays together (only one glass of 4oz because the body is a temple).  At almost 50 my Ranger is still rock hard muscles that turn my knees to jelly. 

I need to get my pictures up loaded, sorted and posted.  I also need to clean my sewing room and get on with my next "for me" project. 

I love the "Selfish Seamstress" blog.  She is hilarious, I wish I had that sense of humor.  And her talent!  Wow.  At any rate I bring this blog up because I really need one of her shirts, particularly the one that says "I'm sewing for me, me, me, me, me" . 

ARGH!!!!  I went over to her blog, That Selfish Seamstress, and what do I find?  Again, she has just floored me with her skill.  I am speechless, appalled and JEALOUS!  She turned a pair of plaid pants into a Hat!  A hat I say with perfectly matching plaid and perfect topstitching.  I feel like the grinch, all green and hairy with envy.  I picture myself in my small little room, (green and hairy) hunched over my machine sewing all my envy into a garment that will never, I say never, equal in talent and skill to the evil, vile Selfish Seamstress.  She does this on purpose.  I truely believe that the Selfish Seamstress was put on the internet with the sole purpose of driving me to this level of envy and jealousy. 

Or maybe, says my higher more evolved self, to inspire me to try.  Thanks Selfish Seamstress for sharing (evil, needle hoarding person you). 

Monday, July 26, 2010

And so today. . .

Yesterday, I poured my heart out.  I typed a blog page full of my sadness and complaints. 

but don't look for it here. . . because it remains unpublished. 

Sometimes one must put thoughts into words and give voice to feelings.  And so I did. 

Today, it is back to me, Sorta.

I still have a lingering sadness about me.  A mild depressive state.  Is there anything really wrong in my life. . . nothing life threatening.  Just stressors that in a year will be over, five years a memory and in 15 years forgotten. 

I will say this, in 1 year I hope to work less.  No more 130 hours in 2 week time.  Yes, that is how much I work.  69-70 hours one week ad 60-62 the next and then start over.  I think this is what depresses me.  No time to just be.

The lesson I am learning.  Appreciation of time.  Stop wishing your life away.  Be happy for the quiet.  Enjoy just being without having to do or go. 

And even bigger. . . Prayer. 

I stopped praying.  I stopped meditating.  I started thinking I could do it by myself.  And look what I created.  God, did not do this to me.  He simply got out of my way as I asked and let me have my way.  And now he waits.  Waits for me to get out of the way, hand over the reins.  I know this will work.  I know I will be able to rest if I do, so why don't I? 

Okay God,      HELP!  and thank you. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

905 pictures

There are 905 pictures on my card - that was before the last performance.  I have to sit down with my lap top and upload pictures. 

I live in Topeka, Ks.  Home of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church which holds an annual 5 day Fiesta.   http://spotted.cjonline.com/galleries/index.php?event=9248  here is a link to Fiesta Mexican 2010 on cjonline our local newspaper.  If you go to the gallerie for Ballet Folklorico 2010 page 4 you will see my older daughter.  She is the one in the white jalisco dress. 

Everynight the cops push the crowds out.  They line the street in on their motorcylces with bike and foot cops behind.  I love this part of the night.  It is really cool and I clap along with all the other people in my parents yard.  So. . . my little brother, whom I adore, decided to make it even better.  He loves music and always sets up speakers and music every night for the enjoy of those in the yard. 

He played "Bad Boys" from the TV show COP's  and it was awsome!!!!  The cops loved it and are eagerly awaiting notification of the posting of the videos (we did it the last 3 nights) on YouTube.  My daugher already has night one on her face book.  My brother has my SCD card from my camcorder and will post the last night video.  . 

I will up load links and still pictures soon!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

As the End Date Grows closer. . .

With presser foot frimly to the floor I steadfastly and earnestly sew on.  I can see the target date fast approaching.  Progress is being made, But. . . will I make it?

YES!  I say, Yes.  For I have been here before. I can and I will persevere and meet the goal head on and emerge the Victor once again.  For I am Woman, Mother, Wife, Lover, and Victory is my name!

I will take pictures tomorrow and post this weekend - I hope.  I have already handed over some of the completed costumes I am just down the final few.  Panic threatens to overwelm me but I have thus far managed to force the panic down with self assurances that I will get this stuff done!!!

I am filled with projects for the rest of the year.  Of course there will be the girls Halloween costumes.  And then I want to work on some blouses for myself.  I also want to make some pillows for the living room and some for the bedrooms.  I want to use some of scraps to make pot holders for the church.  And I need to make a dress for a teacher for next years Cinco de Mayo. 

Have a great week!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Getting there. . .

As I type this I have 7 blouses hanging all done except for the addition of the front ruffle.  I have 4 complete - one needs sleeve adjustment, and 2 to cut and make. 

I have 4 skirts with built in slips finished.  Two skirts done waiting on the addition of the slip.  And 6 skirts needing to be made - yes made!!!!!!  Okay, breath. 

When does this all need to be done. . . July 13th.  But, I have a 3 day family Reunion in there and still working 60+ hours per week.  Pray for me!!!!  I spent the whole day yesterday in my little sewing room making blouses. 

I can't wait until this is over. 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just thinking. . .

I was sitting here letting my mind wander and decided I wanted to put these thoughts out there. . .

Girls/Women/Ladies and the opposite sex, or same sex, what ever your pleasure (not here to judge) -
well it's like trying on shoes - they come in different shapes, colors, heels, flats, fun shoes, dull shoes, power shoes, working shoes, shoes to work out in, shoes to run around in, club shoes, "hoe" shoes, mommy shoes, etc.  Some you love and wear past the point that you know they have to go but you just can't let them go.  Others never quite break in right and you end up tossing them or giving them away.  Some looked good in the store but once you got them home they weren't what you wanted after all. 

My brother, who has four daughters, all lovely gals, sometimes stresses ~ what father wouldn't ~ about the choices his "goils" make. . . so I told him about the shoes.  When your young it's like walking into a huge warehouse shoe sale and you want to try on as many as you can because your young and heck you really don't have style yet or know what your looking for but it really is fun.  so you wear this pair for a few, walking around in another pair while admiring others, fall in and out of love with different styles, or can't decided between similar style but different color but again it's lots of fun.  Then you find the right pair - if your lucky.  Just give them a good standard to measure the shoe by and they will be okay.

Advise to my girls. . .
Never put your own business in the streets - real women don't kiss and tell, you never know who's listening or where the story may go or become. 

If you are woman enough to do, own it. 

Yes, these to go hand in hand - think about it. 

When the time comes, Have fun trying on shoes, but remember you probably aren't the first to wear them, so put on a sock ;>  

Remember you have value.  You don't have to earn anyone's love or give yourself away because they feel you should.  Don't do anything you don't feel comfortable with - if your gut says NO, then you say NO. 

Always remember where home is, it's the softest place to fall. 

Facebook is a social networking web place - if you wouldn't want the picture shown at grandma's, don't put it on the web. 

Fold the laundry when you pull it out of the dryer. 

And please remember I love you - you can ask me anything and yes I will tell you the truth even if I am not proud of it all, I will willing "own it" if you can learn from it - don't ask your dad, he was really bad, that's why I married him. 

More thoughts later.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Golly Molly Where Have I Been??? lots of pictures.

I went MIA for a bit or rather MISA (missing in sewing action).  After Cinco de Mayo I went right into fiesta sewing.  I sew for my daughters Folklorico group "Ballet Folklorico de Topeka". 

I will post later pictures of the girls in the Cinco de Mayo skirts.  Sew or So, now I am focused on Fiesta which runs one week in July.  Here a picture of my sewing book

I work with self drawn patterns and adapted pattern pieces to make the costumes.  Above is a drawing and plan for blouses I am making.  Here is a picture of a costume, the skirt and slip are done but the blouse is not quite finished. 

The blouse still needs the neck and front ruffle.  The green is is the skirt, I raised the skirt to show the attached slip with cordinating ribbon. 

The color combos are Green wtih orange ribbon, Fushcia with Royal Blue ribbon, Royal Blue with Fushcia ribbon and Red with Purple ribbon. 

Here's some shots of my work in progress pile.

That is my heel at the top of the picture.  I was in the process of gathering the bottom round into the top round of the skirt.   And then it became this. . .
Another color combo in progress.

This last shot is of ribbon going onto a slip. 

Here is a picture showing many of the costumes I have made for my girls. 

Yes, here is my first Charro suit. 

I finished my younger daughter's Jalisco and it came out really pretty!

Book notes and material swatch. 

I just realized I don't have a picture of the top!! and the pictues I have are of th skirt and not that great.  I promise I will post the entire costume later. 

And where is all this created? Well, I took over my daughter's walk in closet, take a look. . . .

See my camera box, I am trying to keep it on hand to photo diary and for blog pictures. 

Ribbon oh ribbon, there are over 20 yards of four different colors on my daughters Jalisco.

I really like the way my serger theard looks, makes me look so organized!

More ribbon. . .

My lovely and joyful 13 year old daughter, who gave up her closet so I could have sewing room, took the week, yes the entire week after school let out for summer break to clean her room. 

Getting there!  I am proud to annouce that her room is spotless at this time.  It has been spotless since she cleaned it. 

What's next after Fiesta?  Halloween and they have already picked out the costumes! 

I promise to post more later!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

He went to Prom!!!!

Almost grown up . . .

Looks just like Daddy!!

Look'n good.

Easter and the Bunnys

Here I am with my girls - the bunnys and my belly!!

Just a couple of crazy Easter pictures!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Where have I been??

My lap top crashed!!!  Yup, the old bugger gave up the ghost and down it went.  Now, I can't complain because I have had that laptop since I started nursing school.  So it is 8-9 years old.  Toshiba and it was really nice new and I used it often but only for surfing the net, homework, studing, down loading audio books nothing major.  I paid a pretty penny for it and it was a great computer.  But this time around I am not paying so much.  I know that I am only going to use the lap top for surfing the net, uploading pictures, down loading audio books and to hook up my portable harddrive to my TV and watch movies - at least until my brother comes to town and networks my entire system, then no more TV unless I want to watch something in my room. 

So I bought a highly rated ASUS laptop from NewEgg.com.  It comes with 4GM DDR3 Memory size and 320MG harddrive ( have a 1 terabyte protable hard drive at home for storage - this equals 1000 GB, so slightly bigger than 3 of the hard drive in this new lap top, lots of storage space). 

Now, if you remember, I am a registered nurse, I have a four year degree in nursing, but my minor is computer information systems (IS) but it is old and things in the computer world have changed alot and I have not kept up.  My brother on the other hand is a compter expert, no really that is his J-O-B he gets paid bigger bucks than me for the J-O-B did I make a mistake or what???  His entire home is networked so he can watch movies on his TV's off his hard drive with a click of a remote button.  He has explained this to me and I get the whole wiring thing (he is a computer security expert and prefers hard wire for security in the home).   So, I am going to get my wires all in place and he is going to come in and do the rest and walk me through the process so I can learn more and try to keep up. 

Really cool right!  Yes but can be timely expecially if you don't know what you are doing.  Now my husband can build you a house from the ground up but give him a tv remote with too many buttons and he can't not cope.  He is so uncompter savy that the kids get him into his email. 

My new lap top has a card reader so I can easily up load my photos and up date my blog.  We have 5 computers in our house.  Desk top for family use, desk top in my son's room, each girl has a small netbook laptop (13") and I had a laptop which I used while lounging in bed.  But I have to load my photos on my main computer and then up load them or save them on a stick to transfer to my lap top - not any more. 

My son tried to get me to buy a MAC like his (oldest) but I didn't want to spend that much, not for what I am going to use it for.  I had discussed the pros & cons with my Brother last time I was in Colorado and he agreed that the MAC while very nice was more than I needed and since we are doing this cash only thing right now I rather spend 650 than 1500+ at this time.  I have two at Hayden next year the I have to start kicking out at least $500 a month starting this next month and house taxes are due next month.  Some day it will be different.  I did look at the Ipad's and they are neat but I want to be able to do a bit more (I do family budgeting and long term saving goals on my lap top too).  I did think about buying an Ipad for my daughter to replace her netbook but I think I would rather she have the capability to type her school papers in her room. 

Okay, are you asleep yet.  I was just thinking aloud or in type.  Smiles and chuckles to all!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Quicky Post

Well, I have two ruffles done for the Cinco de Mayo Skirts - I think I posted that already.  Started on the third but then forgot to increase the font size and had to rip out the section and add fresh.  Don't jump out of bed thinking to be immediately productive - always ends up in more work - at least for me it does.

Okay, so I am drinking my protien meal substitute drinks.   Doing okay - not really loving them but hey, I want to loose weight so I must sacrafice.  Tomorrow I will really try to get pictures on the web of Colorado and the skirt progress.  Check me out tomorrow. 

Oh, here is another tidbit - if you feel in your gut you should spend the extra money to get the one really want - spend the money.  Example:  My husband is always taking my scale to the gym (he coaches boxing) for weigh in's and then will forget for a few days to bring it home.  So, I can't weigh myself.  So I bought the cheapo scale when I really wanted the scale that was $10 more.  Cheapo scale broke 2 weeks later.  So, I still don't have a scale at the home when I want one.  I knew I should have bought the more expensive one. 

Monday, April 12, 2010

MOJO smoking now!!

Yes, my MOJO is ON~!  I am working on the Cinco de Mayo skirts.  I have the ruffles done for 2 of the 3.  once I finished all three ruffles I need only put the panels or rounds together, attach waist bands and then attach ruffles.  Wha La. . . 3 skirts done.  So, keep your fingers crossed that my MOJO stays in over drive until the end of the month. . . because I have 3 blouses to complete (they go with the skirts), one small jalisco to put back together, 2 slips, and one medium Jalisco. 

I know, I know . . . pictures!!!  They are a coming. 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Back in the saddle - I had to add more ie, my madness

I am back to work, full swing, have hit all 3 jobs since returning home on Tuesday.  And yes I am tired, but the money is good.

Right now I am listening to "Kitty Goes to Washington" by Carrie Vaugh of the Kitty Norville series.  Pretty good.   Working on my current cross stitch project.  But time to get the MOJO into overdrive!

I have 3 green skirts and 3 white blouses to finish by April 30th.  I have one Jalisco to finish by April 30th and a slip.  So, Wednesday I will be a sewing fool! 

Pictures to come in the next few days, so "Come on back Y'all!"

Well, I've been sitting here all night wondering why am I sooooo very crazy??  Because I have hypothyroidism.  Now, most people will tell you hypothyroidism does not make you crazy.  I most heartily disagree.  Someday, maybe today I will tell my 12 year journey towards diagnosis.

Okay, so I had this thing for a long time and never knew.  Finally got diagnosised and low and behold my levels were really out of wack.  Enlarge thyroid to boot but no cancer luckily.  It took 2 years of labs and every month a change to my dose and finally I called and pretty much said "enough! leave me on 150mcg.  I will know if it is too much." 

At any rate, things have been going good for the last year.  But if you read my previous post you will know I went to Aurora, CO.  I was gone for about 5 days and got off my meds.  I immediately went back to work and could not stay awake.  Luckily it was a calm night and my co-workers totally supported me and got me through the night - I owe them food!!!  To say the least. 

To make things worse it so happened that this all co-insided with my cycle.  Now, I had the Oblation last summer (love it!) and I usually am not aware of my cycle because I have no flow.  But my hypothyroidism greatly aggravated my PMS to PMDD and I am very crazy.  Of course I was not aware I was crazy because I only inflict on my husband and he rolls with all the waves (gotta love him!).  I was aware that I was tired beyond belief, itched everywhere, skin hurt, swelling, joints ached and for once will you believe my feet don't hurt!  You would think they would because they hurt all the time, maybe because everything else is out of wack I am unaware? 

Okay, so I have been back on my meds for five days and feel I am coming out of the fog.  I took a double dose on Wednesday (so shoot me I needed it!).  Yes, I took 150mcg before going to bed and again as soon as I woke up (day sleeper).  I immediately noticed a difference.  Unfortunately the last thing to improve is always my sanity. 

Anyone that knows me knows I can be very crazy.  I think the older I get the more I don't care.  My daughters bless their hearts are taking notes.  My older daughter dodged the bullet no cramps and moderate flow.  My younger daughter, mommy all over again.  She is only 13 and will lock herself at home because of frequent trips to the bathroom to "change" and has learned to hit the Ibuprofen ASAP.  She also has learned the value of a heating pad and being the most uncuddly of my kids has returned to cuddling up next to me when the pain is the worst.  She is not however crazy or moody.  Thank you God. 

Do you want to hear my diagnosis story??  well it is not long to tell just long in years.  I went the doc and she said "your thyroid is enlarged, I am going to send you to get a sonogram."  Now mind you this is before I became a nurse so I was typical lay person with no knowledge.  So I go off to have the sonogram. 

I am called to the sono room and the tech said "did you drink your water?"
I said "what water?" 
She said "you have to have a full belly so we can see you uterus."  She said this like I was stupid "oh great another one that didn't read her instructions"  I could see the that thought on her face. 
So I responded calmly "I thought you were going to look at my neck?" 
"nooo" she responded putting away her gel and wand then placed her hand on her hip and said "your belly. Now go out and drink xx ounces of water".  She actually pointed towards the door. 

Now, this happened on a PMDD day and I was fighting the despair and anger that always consumes me this long 3 weeks out of the month (it is surprising my husband did not leave me years ago).  And I did not want to kill this gal or break out into tears - I never know what will happen - so I walked out and began to drink the water.  Needless to say I received that day a sonogram on my healthy uterus.

Years, yes years go by.  I see my doc every 2 years because I can not tolerate the "peep show" every year and refuse to go that often.  And off and on over those long 12 years I had been off and on anti depressants to assist with my PMDD. 

So I was again in the doc's office and she was doing a full body examine and she said "your thyroid is really big"  Now, most people do not notice it but merely by chance my mother had said that same week that I had a cyst or something growing on my neck, I blew her off because I did not see anything.

So the doc says, "your thyroid has been getting bigger everytime I see you.  I sent you for a sonogram a few years ago, didn't you go?"  I told her story and she said "what!"   and immediately sent me to get another and ordered labs.  Now my labs have always been "within normal limits" but this time they were badly out of wack and the doc's office called me as soon as the labs came back and I was ordered into the pharm to immediately pick up my meds and get on them.  Later I was told that my hypothyrodism and horrific periods where why I had been anemic since I was 18 years old.  Of course the hypo had caused the horrific periods.  But my doc has since fixed me with the agreement that I don't skip any appointments and take my meds.  So now I have the annual "peep show". 

After a quick round of testing to determine if I had cancer.  No!  Thank you God!  

I am now stable and no longer gravely anemic and much less crazy.  Okay, that said, I have to call and wake my husband and apologize! 

Happy Easter, give praise to the Lord, for he has risen!!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Brief trip

I just got home from Aurora, Colorado.  Family funeral :( .  My brother lives there so I was able to stay with him and realy enjoyed the visit.  I took my three younger children so it was a pleasant break. 

I have lots of pictures of the mountains but all from my vehicle while driving in Aurora.  I told my brother how lucky he is that he has such a beautiful view while driving around town. 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Don't you just love Ebay?

This is a cheap find from ebay, free shipping and auction closed under $10!!

I got a big batch of misc aida fabric.

   This will be great for making Christmas ornaments, book marks and pin cushions!!!  I had no clue what would be in the box, I saw one picture and bid and won.  I am going to have fun with this stuff!!

Update. . .

I think the girl has picked her school.  She will go the first year to Hayden.  Hayden is a wonderful school, private with small student body in the neighborhood of 500-600, grades 9-12.  Her older brother is there and this is the best option for her for now.
Topeka High, my alma mater is also a wonderful school but the student body is > 1500 maybe around 2000 students. It is public and pulls from all over the city. Since she is coming out of an 8th grade class of 26, also private and her older brother is at Hayden, we chose Hayden. She will not however be in the band. This was the deal breaker - she does not care for the band instructer at Hayden and has opted for debate instead. She will continue to play clarinet, acoustic & electric guitars on her own and in the Mariachi (Guitar,Vihuela & Guitarron).

I have to stop and have the priest sign off on her "parishner in good standing" form. Simply states that we tithe, volunteer and go to church on a regular basis.

Ol'man, I am gonna have a good cry come May when she graduates!

Wow, I think in my mind she will always be 3 and her sister 2 - life has been a whirlwind since then!!!

The sisters 3 years ago - I lost alot of pictures when my camera was stolen.  Always up load your photos!!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cinco de Mayo skirts

I have the 3 gree skirts cut out and have sewn all the ruffles together.  (I need to get pictures of this process on line).  I was going to serge the edges and serge the skirt panels together tonight but I go called into work.  I usually work midnight to noon on Sundays but another staff member called in and they asked me to come in at 8pm on Saturday so there went my sewing time. 

I hope to get this done Monday or Tuesday.  If not for sure on Wednesday.  I will take pictures of what I am talking about then and post them on my web page.

I added a picture above of the skirt pieces in a pile.  You can't tell what is what but there are 3 skirts on the floor waiting for assembly.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Think I like it. . .

I have been working on my blog.  Changed,changed and changed again my template and colors ~ but now I think I've got it the way I want it!

I need to add more pictues.  Yes, I have been reading my manual!  So wish me luck.  :)

My daughter is trying to choose her high school for next year.  Right now she is enrolled in both. 

So the choice is: 

- Hayden High School - private catholic school.  Her brother is enrolled at this school currently and will be a senior next year (her freshman year) and will be available to guide her through the in's and out's. 

-Topeka High School - much larger, about 3x the student body with a larger offering of curriculum. 

She is coming out of a small private school with 26 in her graduating class.  He eldest brother went straight into Topeka High he had a small graduating class of >20.  Her other brother went straight into Hayden with the majority of his graduation class of about 26.  Both have and did well. 

She is a straight A student, plays multiple instruments and dances with the Ballet Folklorico de Topeka.  While my husband would prefer her to go to Topeka High, he would like her to go to Hayden the first year.  Just to get her feet wet so to speak.  I am very torn.  If her brother was at Topeka High it would be go for it but with him at a different high school and I am leaning towards the smaller school where most of her friends are going.  She on the other hand is torn.  While she really wants to go to Topeka High she also likes the idea of going to school with her brother and all her friends.  She has actually researched the two schools and feels she would benefit academcally from either equally.  Yes, she is a researcher.  She is very much the nerd but she is so very beautiful (not just a mother talking here) that boys are drawn to her.  She prefers to keep them as friends and is quick to explain this to the boys.  I think I will let her and her father decide, I trust my husband and I know he has his daughters best interest at heart. 

Please guide us heavely father in our time of decision, Amen. 

Monday, March 15, 2010

I really need to learn how to use my camera. I have a cannon Rebel EOS 18-55IS with additional lense EF-S 18-200mm. I love my camera but I am no expert as you can tell from my pictures. But I am learning and having fun so that is the point ~ Right!

Time to get Serious

I hope really hope - no I am going to do this.

Let's face it the odds are against me but in order to feel better I really have to do this. I am going to be 45 in July. I wear a size 12 to 14 (more on the size 14 side) and am 5"6 1/2". I have given birth 4 times and work 60 to 70 hours per week. I am usually tired and a bit confused, except when working then just tired but focused.

Yes, those are all my excuses. In a nice little paragraph, take your pick any one will do.

So what is it I am want to get serious about?? My body. I really hate it. I hate the 30+ pounds I have gained over the last 5 years. I hate the way it has changed my body and how my once fairly firm body has gone soft. I hate seeling the cheese on my thighs and mid section and my droopy bottom. Oh, what a mental image.

My husband, bless his heart does not complain but I really hate looking at myself. I really need to get serious with the exercise. Nothing too major. Jazzercise 2-3x / week, walking 2-4 x / week and easy free weights only a 15 minute session.

If I want to get really crazy, my daughter wants to start running with me. Yes, I use to run and look damn good too. But alas, life has spiraled out of control. I use to meditate & pray daily.

But looking back there is a common thread in my life that I see, I have never been content. Content to just be in the moment. I have always longed for what was, what could have been or what I want to be. So, I am going to take out my 12 weeks back to me plan and live by it for the next 12 weeks. No matter what the excuse, it is time.

When I turn 45 I want to be happy with where I am at that moment. Yes, there will always be hopes and plans for the future, but I really want to once and for all be focused on the moment. To live in the here and now.

Sewing - well I have cut out the Cinco de Mayo skirts. I plan to sew for at least one hour today when I get home. That should at least get the bottom ruffles put together and maybe all the panels.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Machines

This is my Janomi MO200 QC - I purchased this to replace "Edna" my beloved Kenmore. Edna and I spent many hours creating some beautiful costumes and garments. Unfortunately Edna was unable to be repaired. She still stitches a excellent straight stitch but nothing else. I still have Edna as a back up and travel machine (when I know that I am not going to need anything other than a straight stitch). I do love my knew Janomi and the buttong hole function is to die for!

This is my Huskylock 936. I purchased this machine 5 years ago and sadly I still have yet to learn how use this machine. Oh, I serge everything and use the same 1-2 stitches but nothing more. I am looking for a class or some kind soul in my area who is willing to spend time teaching me to fully use this wonderful machine.

My embroidery machine is also a Janomi - 350E to be exact. I am taking classes at the shop I purchased this machine. I really enjoy it.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I get to sleep in my own bed tonight!!!

As the title says, I get to sleep in my own bed tonight. For someone who works 6-7 nights / week this is a treat!!

I changed my schedule so I should get to have 2 designated nights in my own bed at least 2 nights / week, WOWZA!!

Yes, I have heard it all and yes my children do know they have a mother and are very well rounded independent and highly functioning individuals. And no, my husband does not cheat on me and knows very well he has a wife.

And yes I do cook on a regular basis - I just don't do regular housework - my family ~ the highly functioning individuals that live in my house (my children) are expected to clean up the nice home that is provided for them ~ and no one is aloud to say "I didn't make that mess" because if you are cleaning up after someone else and everyone is cleaning I am sure someone is cleaning up after you. And if you don't like cleaning up after others ~ remember the golden rule "do unto others as you would have others do on to you" meaning clean up after yourself and no one will end up cleaning up after anyone else. That is my husband's job, to ensure that everyone is doing their fair share and no one is abusing or being abused. Luckily they are not the type of individuals to abuse so alls good.

Okay, so I am done with my tirade but have heard it all.

This is the economy and the time we find ourselves living this day and age. A time we need be thankful for a job and enough income to cover our needs and if lucky extra. We need to relearn to be families and function together for the good and goals of all. Sacrafice and seal the bonds that connect us. I work for my family as my husband's industry is unsure at this time with frequent layoffs, thankfully he does receive unemployment during these times but it is only 40-50% if regular pay, so I work. I work hard and often and am thankful for my jobs (yes plural).

I think in general we were do a correction. For too long we had all lived in an "immediate" sociaty with the "I want it now and I will have it now" attitude. Once in a while we need a wake up call, a regrounding so to speak.

Thanks God ~ thank you for what I have, will have and have had. Thank you for lessons learned and lessons to that will be learned. Please grant me patience and knowledge. Allow me the grace to adhere to your gentle guidance and grow. And most of please hold my family safely in your hand. Thank you Lord, I love you.

God bless to all!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Well after almost 2 weeks, no surely only one week, I am back.

First and foremost ~ I finished BriAnna's skirt. Complete with embroidering her initials. I will get a picture before I hand it over.

So what is up for my sewing projects. Well, I have cut out one complete Cinco de Mayo skirt. I stopped after cutting the panels on this one because I am not sure if it will be long enough. It should fit my younger daughter but I think I need 2 more inches for my older daughter and the other dancer. I will get a picture of the t-shirt that inspired these costumes.

I also cut out 3 blouse patterns and for the life of me I can't remember which ones. Wait. . . I will go look on line at my patter stash on pattern review. . . be right back. . .

Okay, I'm back. First pattern is Vogue V9771 blouse. Oh, darn I can't remember the other two. but I am going to work on sewing all 3. I also bought Kwik Sew 3614 short pattern. This pattern was well reviewed on Pattern Review so I thought I would give it a try. I want to make it a stapple for my summer wardrobe.

For anyone following my blog, I am still working the 3 jobs. I will quit one job on 2/25 - at least that is my last 12 hour shift. Let me just say, God truely moves through us. I was really wanting to quit this job and praying over it but the money is good, etc. Well I was talking to a co-worker and I said "I know that God wants me move on and until I do what he wants me to do I will struggle".

Well, until I said that out loud I had not mentally figured this out. God used my own mouth to tell me something! Wow. He truely is miraclous.

Now on to my plan. I hope to sew on Friday and take pictures on Saturday. Then on Saturday and Sunday I want to work on posting my pictures - since I am new to blogging you'll wish me luck.

So what I am I sewing: 3 green skirts for Cinco de Mayo, 1 full Jalisco costume for the same, 3 white blouses to go with the green skirts, 2 summer style blouses for daily wear and 1 short sleeve dressy blouse. More to come folks!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Skirt's done!!!!

I did it, I finally finished BriAnna's skirt. Now this is just her practice skirt for dance and very easy to sew, but due to lack of MOJO I haven't been able to move on the darn thing.

I am really disappointment with my Janome 350E. I am taking it to the store tomorrow and am going to show the Gal what I am unhappy about. I get free life time lessons at the store I purchased it at so I plan to take full advantage. You don't spend that much on an embrodery machine and not be satisfied. I don't remember exactly what I paid but I know it was around $1000. Maybe 850??

Now that BriAnna's skirt is done I have to get moving on my other projects. Of course there are unlimited items for dance but I also want to get my camera out and take pictures of all my past projects and post them. I have pictures of many already but need to get my bottom in gear and post.

I read a post on budgeting and I too have to get a hold on my spending. Now, first let me say I have cut way back. But I want to really put myself on a budget and when it's gone, it's gone and I have to wait for my next payday. For someone like me who has 3 jobs I have a payday every Friday so it won't kill me to wait.

I also want to post pictures of all my cross stitch projects. I am averaging one every 6 -8 months. I have 4 Mirabilia set to start and mutliple kits. I am working on a very simple pattern right now "when life gives you lemons, ask for tequila and salt" it is really cute and I should be done in 2-3 weeks. I have a couple of other small kits that I could get done in 2-4 weeks and I may go ahead and knock them out. I'll just have to see. I know my next major project will be Mirabilia "Fairy Flora". I found a cool hand dyed linen in the right color range. Now, I hate to cross stitch on linen but this linen will really make a difference in the finished project. Because it is hand dyed the color varies through out. I definately will post pictures.

We kids that is all for now. Spark people, Spark people, spark people!! I did get my spark people shirt in the mail today!! WooHoo!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sewing Goals for 2010

I will finish BriAnn'a skirt - haha. No really don't laugh this has to get done.

Okay, for dance:
1. 3 green skirts for Cinco de Mayo. Kelly green with black and red ribbon
2. 3 white blouses with lace edge sleeves, also for Cinco de Mayo
3. Alter all Norte skirts - attach slip to waist band so there will be no slipping (no pun intended)
4. 1 Jalisco costume: top and skirt
5. Add solid ruffle to Elyse's Sinaloa skirt
6. Sew garment bags for all the costumes 12 maybe more?? and embroider the last name and costume title on the bag

For me:
1. I would like to complete one dress
2. 2 pairs of shorts
3. 4 summer tops (two tanks and two short sleeve)
4. 2 Skirts for church
5. 1 lined blazer
6. 1 pair of matching pants
This is 11 garments, very challenging goal for a woman that works 60+ hours/per week

Tuesday Thoughts

* Still need to sew on the waist band to BriAnn's skirt

* I will sew the waist band today when I get home from

* SparkPeople website is acting up and keeps kicking me out, hmm

* Thanks to my sis, she and her hubby want to be sponsers for my son's senior Football poster

* Seb's going to be a senior next year. . . wow

* What to cook for dinner

* Think it will be spagetti as the kids have opened 3 sauce bottles, you know for their cheese sticks, but 3 really. . .

* My schedule changes in February, Yeah!!!

* So what do I do? Pick up more shifts from other jobs - someday, someday

* Only saw my husband for 40 minutes today, boo hoo.

* I still would love to have one of the dream houses

* Okay, maybe if I just get rid of some junk in my house. . . things that make you go hm.

* I am really tired today

* I am giving up my daily wine - need to cut back on the calories

* I really want some chocolate or a donut

* Why do I do this, make progress and then sabotage myself?

* Well no more!

* 25 lbs down by July

* Game on

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Mutterings

* Still didn't sew the waist band onto BriAnna's skirt

* Have to sew that waist band tomorrow

* I didn't cook dinner tonight

* The girls and I had our bi-monthly fast food fix "Fried chicken and all the fixin's"

* I love to read all the sewing bloggs on line, there are some talented folks out there

* someday I will only work one job

* My dream house is off the market, no bites

* Dream house #1 has been empty for over a year!!!

* Someday I might move

* Someday I will have time to sew until "the cows come home"

* I love my kids, they are the greatest

* I love my husband, he really loves me "wow, after 18 years"

* I love hanging with my mother when she is not stressed

* I love my dogs, especially when they don't pull up my rose bushes

* I don't ever want to go back to school - one degree is the max for me

* I have to copy this all to my sewing blogg - did it, here it is

* I need to up load some pictures to my sewing blogg

* I need to take some pictures of my daughter's dance costumes I have made

* How come I can make these costumes without a pattern and I can't seem to get in gear to make a real dress or outfit for me?

* I really love my kids

* whoops said that already

* My husband is so cute - for a "man's man" he really is a softy at home and he likes to cuddle

* Can you believe I like my mother-in-law, she is alright

* I finished my cross stitch project

* Averaging one CS project every 4-6 months

* Just wish it wasn't so expensive to get them matted and framed

* This one is Our Lady of Guadalupe, I changed the gold pattern in her dress, if you look hard enough you will see my fathers full name, date of birth and date of death

* I miss my dad

* My son's are crazy boys, haha!! Gotta love them!

* Son #2 was gone all day and my husband kept trying to get me jump his case

* I say "you tell me I am to soft on them, so you take over he is in high school now"

* I do kick his butt when he needs it, he is just so sweet I hate to do it

* I exercised today!!!

* Okay, Monday mutterings are done, I am getting ridiculous now

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Sighs

* Well, I did get the ruffle sewn onto BriAnna's Skirt - did I already post that

* I need to make myself finish the waist band - I mean really 30 minutes???

* Ordered the material for Elyse's Jalisco and the 3 skirts for Cinco De Mayo

* I need to figure out what color ribbon I have on hand & what to order

* I still have gone to the movies

* The girls and I are going to buy Paranormal Activity so we can watch all the alternative endings!

* Elena is really sick - fever, vomitting, ear ache and lower left lung pain - yes I am a nurse, she sounds clear - and was getting to feel better last night

* my hours are changing, I can't wait!!

* My "high school" co-workers are made at me and acting out - Haha!! I know I'm 40+ how old do they really think they are and how long will it take for them to realize I don't play games??

* I like blogging - good therapy

* I Sparked Today - have you?

* earned $20 gift cert on the points wheel so I bought a SparkPeople T-shirt!

* Spark People, Spark People, Spark People and Spark People That's five!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's almost 5am and for most the day is about to start, but for me I well into it.

I do believe my schedule will change - hopefully the drama is over.

You ever work with a co-worker who is very negative?

Negative Nelly

Mad Maude

Vicious Valorie

Angry Andrea

Debbie Downer

I know you know her or him

Negative Ned, Mad Mark, Vicious Vic, Angry Arthur & Danny Downer. . . Haha

Finished the ruffle on my nieces practice skirt - only the waist band to go!

I wish my daughter would clean her room

My job interview went well

The job is on hold "your the perfect canidate, but we have had to put the job on hold, it might be a while" - I can wait!!

I don't want to go to my second job later today or tomorrow either

Think about the money. . . okay, I still don't want to go

I wish someone else would take down the tree

My son said he will help on Saturday

Yes, January is almost over and we still have the tree up.

I lost 10 pounds, but didn't go to Jazzercise this week

I will go to Jazzercise on Saturday morning when I get off work.

I really do like Jazzercise, I just like to sleep too

Tomorrow we are having Fajitas - steak, chicken and shrimp.

My son is still single, no prospects on the horizon

I think this is good for him to be single a little while longer

I want a bigger house

I need to clean my house - I will on Saturday

Wow, I am not looking forward to Saturday

I want to go see "It's complicated" - I have to call Gail and see if she wants to go

I need to update my Spark progress

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wow - how long has it been?

Wow, I really got lazy and have not blogged. Not that anyone is really checking but blogging is good therapy.

I did get my sewing area organized. I am still sharing space with my daughter - she doesn't mind but I do. Let me first say that her room is very large 16' x 20' with a large walk in closet. I could convert her closet to my sewing room but so far she has not like this idea. See she is 13 and the baby. She hates to clean her room and use to share with her sister. Well one kid moved out so the rest moved to different rooms and now the 3 at home have their own rooms.

At any rate, when we remodeled the house some 11 years ago we did not put a door on the girls bed room, they were only 2 & 3 at the time. Well, the older one moved to her brother's old room, smaller but she is very tidy and it works well for her. The baby stayed in the larger room and hates to clean. She is getting better, but very often you can not see the floor of her room.

The joke in the family is she will get a door when she keeps her room clean for 2 months. Not spotless, just no clothing on the floor - right now you would be hard pressed to figure out what is clean and what is dirty - she says she knows and that is enough. She goes into her large walkin closet (5 x 16) and changes - privacy. The point of my long story, this is why she doesn't want me to take over her closet for my sewing room. So long as she has the closet she still has privacy and she doesn't have to keep her room picked up. It really is a win-win for her.

My dream house is off the market, still didn't sell but after almost a year they took it off the market. We are doing much better financially but realistically now would not be a good time to buy another home. Yes we could do it, but it would be better to wait. I have prayed over this "alot" and know in my heart that God will lead me to the right home at the right time. Right now doesn't feel right so I am working on "Patience". Not a strong point of mine and I have asked for learning/growing opportunities.

Nothing else new except I have a job interview on Wednesday. Now why does a woman with 3 jobs, one full time, one part time and one PRN need another job? Well, it is my hope that this other job will be similar to my full time job and I can quit the PRN job and if enough hours are available eventually quit the part time two and just have the two "easy on my body" jobs.

Pray, pray, pray. Other drama going on at work, but I won't fill the blog with the negative right now. I know things will work out I just have to keep quiet and pray for patiences and peace. I think I will cross stitch a patience and peace banner for my bedroom.