Friday, December 7, 2012

Where ave I been?

Caution: picture heavy. Cooking, cross stitching, sewing , working - but not as much and more time at home . . . Hanging with my kiddies and my hunky hubby!

Chile rellenos

Sopa or Spanish rice. Let me say I make sopa often, it is a staple in our house.

Tamale time!

One finished but not framed

New project started

Said good bye to an old friend,

Hello! To a new friend who needed a forever home after being rescued. He is a sweetie!
A blazer for the baby, who turned 16!

My daughters had an intervention with me and I cut back on the work hours. Less money, but oh so much more joy!

Went to Cirque du Soleil with my family last night. Awesome, go if you get the chance! There were 26 of us and we loved it!

I promise to not go MIA again, yeah right, life as gotten to be so fun! Blessings and joy to you!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Xmas in July

So Fiesta is over. It was a blast. I promise I will post pictures later.

Now I am shifting gears. After sewing 40 aprons fro Fiesta kitchen helpers, I have . . . One piece slips for dancers to make, costumes for a Renaissance wedding (at the KC Renaissance fair), a blazer for my daughter and Xmas in July!


Oops, so now you know, I often enjoy a glass of wine while sewing. A glass of wine will last a couple of hours.

I plan to make padded Christmas ornaments for my sisters and co-workers.

Life is good, wine, sewing, a pictures of my babies



They can be crafty too, they often make my Birthday and Mother's Day cards.

Stuff to do, blog u later!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I bought a Bike!!  I bought a Cruiser bike.  I have logged miles, yes, miles in the last 3 days.  Day 1 - only 2.5 miles.  Day 2 - EIGHT miles!  Day 3 - EIGHT miles! 

My brother is an electrician and he has worked steadily for the last 7 years with an hour drive to and from his job site.  His wife was finishing her masters degree (go Beth!) and now that she is done and working full time, he said "lay me off boss".    Now he's enjoying the vacation.  He found out I was going to bike and he said, "Hey, I'll join you."  He's been biking about 3 hours a day during his lay off and was excited to have company.  My uncle, at 75 is in incredible health.  He lives a block away and found out and said, "Hey, I'll join you."

So, for the last 3 days my brother, my uncle, my two daughters and I have been hitting the trails.  We have the Sunga trail and it is so very nice and it's paved.  Today we biked around Shawnee Lake.  Now if you had asked me a year ago if I would have thought I would ever bike around the lake I would have laughed.  Today, I DID IT!!

I was walking four miles daily but I broke my foot.  A nice little stress fractured has plagued me for the last 8 months.  I have gain back all but 5 pounds of the +20 I lost last year and am sick about it.  So, I bought a bike. 

My poor daughter did not understand shifting gears and when we explained and she tried we found her bike was broken.  It was stuck in the hardest gear to peddle.  She was miserable today.  So I bought her a new bike and this evening my husband is going to explain to her about the gears and  teach her to shift. 

Tomorrow we will exceed 10 miles on the Shunga trail.  The Shunga trail is paved and the scenery is so nice, it is hard to believe we are peddling across town in a heavily populated area.  I will post a picture of my bike later.  My cruiser has no gears and no hand brakes.  I wish I would have bought the model with the hand brakes and gears.  I think I will push through this summer and then will sell it on Craig's list and buy the other model.  I just can't justify it right now.  On a positive note, the no gears thing is a work out, up hill it is all me baby.  Okay, so here's a fond farewell to my fat roll.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Progress. . .

Jalisco skirt number 1 (light blue one), shorted, waist band re-attached!  Yeah, this skirt even has one performance under it's belt (or re-attached waist band, haha). 

Jalisco top number 1 (orange), dancer measured, and all alterations completed, it only took one day (about 4 hours).  I shorted the body of the blouse, took about 6.5 inches off the waist, applied darts in the front and back for better fitting and had to adjust the sleeves.  Good Job Angel at loosing the weight! 

Jalisco skirt number 3 (white).  Panels cut, serge and sewn together (12 in all).  Ruffle cut, serged, attached and all four ribbons sewn on.  Waiting on JKM Ribbon to send me more lace or I will have to pull of the old skirt and apply to the new, what a pain. 

Jalisco skirt number 2 (purple).  just need to apply waist band and suspenders. 

Jalisco top number 2 (purple), will fit dancer Tuesday. 

Embroidered tops to match skirts.  One done (turquoise).  This weekend will have to be weekend of speed!  I want to knock out one Jalisco top.  If I could get the puple Jalisco finished this weekend I will be ahead of the game (I only work 5 12's and an 8 this week).   READY, set, SEW!!!  

Pictures later!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Where's Eugenia?

One of the blogs I follow is Eugenia's Fabulous World of Fashion.  Does anyone know what happened to Eugenia?  She dropped off the blog world 6 months ago.  She was pretty good at posting 1-2 times per week and is a wonderful streamstress. 

Funny how I worry about someone I have never met and who lives in another country.  I have even talked to my co-workers about her and from time to time they will ask if I have heard anything. 

Well, Eugenia, if you ever read this, know that I think of you often.  God bless you and I hope all is well. 

Next I wonder, what happened to Janet?  I don't remember Janet's last name.  Last time I saw Janet I was 7 years old.  We lived in Hawian Gardens, CA for a short while.  And I went to Bloomfield grade school.  Janet had red hair and was my best friend.  I hope she too got out of Hawian Gardens. From what I am told it is gang infested.  My sister returned as an adult with her husband once.  She found that of the 20+ kids on the block most of the boys where dead or in jail.  All the girl friends we had became mothers in their teens.  She forgot to ask about Janet.  But Janet was one of the only white girls living near us.  Most of the kids on our block and surrounding blocks were Mexican.  Funny, My sister and I were the only Mexican kids that only spoke English.  Alot of the kids thought that was funny but our parents were raised in Kansas.  At the time our parents were growing up you did not speak spanish in public.  My mother was once slapped in the grocery store for speaking to her mother in spanish, not by her mother but by a woman who loudly informed her and my grandmother that they could not speak "that language in public".  Janet, hope you too got out and are living a blessed life. 

What Happened to Riki?  She was my best friend in 4-6 th grades.  She was from Sweden and we both lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan for a short time while our father's went to school.  My Dad completed his PhD and we moved to Topeka to be closer to my siblings.   I bet she returned to Sweden and has 2 kids, both blond like Riki and is living a blessed life. 

Do you ever wonder what happened to the people who passed through your life?  I have lived in Topeka, this time, since I was 25 years old.  I have been with my husband since I was 26 years old and the same basic people have been in my life.  I don't worry much about the people in high school, I run into them from time to time.  As I lived in Topeka from 7th grad to 20 years old. 

I lived in Germany for four years.  I liked it but wish I had gone with my present husband. 

Okay, that's enough wondering.  I have a workout to complete, yard to weed before it gets hot, some sewing to do, manicure, and have to be at work at 7p.  Oh, and my son is coming home for a long weekend.  WELCOME HOME PUMPKIN~

My Family, Paul in the middle, Sebastian in uniform, this was his basic training graduation weekend and it was hot, Elyse hanging over Sebastian, Elena on the ground with me and in the orange, my Pumpkin, Dominic who lives in San Antonia because he likes breaking his mother's heart, no he has a good job and the economy sucks in Topeka.  I cried like a baby when I left my two boys in SA.   That was last Summer.  I am still trying to get rid of the fat roll. 

So, if you ever wonder, What happened to Veronica?  She's living in Topeka with the love of her life, Paul.  Has four brilliant children who are perfect (made by God for me) in every way.  She went to Washburn University, completed her BSN and is now a Registered Nurse.  That was a long time ago.  Has 2 large dogs and a grandpuppy, and will live in her home she loves that her husband completely gutted and remodled, just for her, unless the Church decides to offer a lot of money, and then she will move, other wise. . . I'm a staying right here on good old R---- Street.  The only house on the block surrounded by the church's parking lots.  Life is good!  

Monday, May 28, 2012

Just finished!

I just finished this project. Spring Fairy Spirit by Passione Ricamo. It is for a special cousin's graduation her name is in the wing, her last name on top in green. Her brother's names on the right and her parents on the left. I love the framing and matting. Thanks Frame Warehouse in Topeka, KS. The picture doesn't do it justice, it is very pretty.

This young lady lost her father at a young age. She is often at our home and I want this to be special. The pictures don't do the project justice. I am very happy with the outcome.

She loved it! Finished this post after the graduation party.

My next project is "The Bliss Fairy" by Nora Cobett, Mirabilia. This is for my niece.


I really like Mirabila charts. Here' the last one I did


November Topaz Fairy. For my daughter, Elyse. Can you find her name?

Her room is blue and the frame is blue as is the under matting. Ane the picture, her 8th graduation, she wanted that tierra.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Another hair piece, and still learning to post pictures (pic heavy)

This haIr piece is for Vera Cruz. I am trying pictures with Flickr. Much better.
Here is one of the tops I am making.

Jalisco skirt one, just needs new waistband, and if time allows lace repair.

Jalisco two needs waist band.

A new Sinaloa for the first one who pays the $80.

I think I can make ths work and not drop out of site for long periods.

My messy sewing room

Now I must sleep. Worked last night an have to work tonight. Blog u soon!

OMG, Where have I been?

Busy, that's where. I changed jobs, quick the dreaded 2nd job at the place that shall not be named, "it's not easy being green", for a nicer, less stressful 2nd job. I kept my umber one JOB, I'll never leave that one. My hubby worked from September until May, he should go back next week. Not much building in the KC area, economy still kicking our butts.

Now the fun stuff. First let me say, I bought an iPad and I am trying to learn to blogg from it. I had to down load an app so I could import pictures from my iPad, hopefully this works we shall see.

See the puppy above? My first success loading a picture. It was some work, but I think I got it. The puppy is Swarley. My grand-puppy. He is so sweet and lovable.

So, now I can' t get the next pic to load!

Okay, I figured it out. The roses were from my four Brilliant children for mother's day.

What have I been working on?

This is a blouse for my daughter. Later I will show u the complete costume. In case u are wondering or missed it, I make costumes for my daughters' (yes, plural) dance troupe. Ballet Folklorico de Topeka.

I made hair pieces.

And here's a picture of her wearing the hair pieces.

Okay, now that I think I got this, I will detail my Fiesta prep this year! Right now, I have one entire Jaliso to make, there is a story there but I will save fr a later post. Two Jaliscos to put waist bands on, two Jalisco tops to alter, one Jalisco top to make. One Sinaloa skirt to make, two Sinaloa tops to finish and make, two Vera Cruz tops to make (very simple), and probably more to come with 6 weeks to go.

Join me! The week of the Fiesta I will meet you fellow seamstresses on my Mama's porch with a cold one, a big coney dog, a torta, and what ever else we decide sounds good, oh, like the big funnel cake! Don't leave before the nightly parade, YouTube video to come.