The Joy Luck Club aka my babies

Update!  Coming soon, sigh. They al wonderful!

Trying yet again to get a Christmas picture. . .

Another failed attempt. . . they think it's funny!
Another year and another failed attempt.
They don't deserve this. . . and I still didn't have everything out!!!!
Look, only a few years ago. Who said they could grow up?
Guess who was away for xmas this year. . . He is in the military and sometimes he can't come home. I am tearing up just thinking about it.
Guess who was home for his birthday. . . 26 and single with no kids! Here are all 4 of my babies with aunt Betty and cousin BriAnna (yes of the skirt!).
My son is the 3 off the stairs with his hood up, gloves on and black/red back pack. Home from 4 months in the middle east! I love my baby, my next son is enlisting soon.

De plane!!