Thursday, May 23, 2013

MyYard and Bit of History

My yard is not fancy, to some it needs some work, but we like it;). The history is at the end of the page, just a foot note.

Bubbles 10+ years old. She likes to pull up and eat my Rose bushes.
Swarly, who is just visiting, lol he's my son's dog but stays at my house. He's a year and a half old.
Locki, our rescue buddy. He is the sweetest dog! He and Swarly are about the same age.

Bertha, my Mothers Day gift. She's 7 weeks old.
The Robins nest in my large knock out rose bush. There are 3 bright blue eggs.
The rose bush. It needs trimming but I left it because of the nest.
Back yard rock garden. The day lilies will bloom when the Irises are done. I planted a rose bush back there. Bubbles pulled it up daily for a week. I thought it was dead so I planted another one next to it and "trapped" it too keep Bubbles out. Well it looks like they might both survive. If so next year I will spread them out and trap it again.
Rose traps to keep bubbles out. This winter she killed 8 bushes. I replaced them all, she killed 2 of those. I replaced those 2 and planted 4 more. I've had more time off this spring so I am technically winning the battle. When I first got her 10+ years ago, she was 5 weeks old, I had 18 full and beautiful rose bushes. People would stop and stare. When she hit 1-2 years old, I started working 70-80 hours a week and she began she pull up my bushes.
Rose bush row.
One year my husband decided to put in this flower garden. I already had bushes planted, but bubbles had killed off the majority of them. So he covered what was left, he figured they would come back up, it was a surprise and I was at work. By the time I got home it was all done.
The next year, thinking they were dead I planted new. Two years later this bush started putting out different leaves and blooms.
This year, six years after the fact, I have another bush putting out different leaves. Lets see what those blooms do;).
The bush, see the different leaves.
You may have noticed I have a parking lot on either side of my home. I live across the street from a Catholic Church and they own all the land surrounding me. There is a school K-8 school one the church grounds as well.  My three younger children graduated 8th grade after starting at the other Catholic school (Mexican).

This story was told to me by an older gentleman who was a history buff and his favorite topic was the railroad. He lived in Topeka so he knew a lot regarding Topeka's railroad history. He had no affiliation with either church to my knowledge.

The are two Catholic Churches blocks from each other. One was founded by German immigrants, the other Mexican. Many years ago Santa Fe Railroad in Topeka had a large group of German immigrant workers. The workers decided to form a union.

The railroad decided to import workers from Mexico to thwart the German immigrants efforts. At the time there was revolution going on in Mexico. Which one I don't know, there were quite a few.

The railroad representatives went to Mexico. They offered jobs, housing and let workers bring their families. Around the rail yards the railway set up box cards and allowed the workers live in them - housing. My stepfather is 77. He was born in a box car and lived there long enough that he remembers it pretty well. The box car towns ended in his young childhood. Many houses in my neighborhood are built around boxcars.

My grand mother came as a young preteen, 11-12. She remembers crossing he river with suit cases filled with Mexican money. She said they left a fairly prosperous farm behind but had to leave for safety. She said they soldiers and rebels would come by and the men in the family had to be hidden in wood piles or they would be killed or forced into service. Both sides took what they wanted, the people lived in fear of being killed, raped or kidnapped.

When my grandmother's family arrived in America they found their money had no value. Luckily, my great grandfather's brother and settled in Kansas. So they walked from Mexico to Kansas. Wow! My grandmother lived to be in her 90's and died 14-15 years ago. She spoke almost no English.
She met my grandfather only days before she married him. He saw her working in the yard. He went to her father and a marriage was arranged. All seven of her sons were drafted and served in the military, six in combat. WW2 to Vietnam. All her son-in-laws served as well. As well a few grandsons in Vietnam.

My grandmother never learned to read English and could not pass the test to become a citizen. But, she did become a citizen prior to her death.  She received her citizenship after her last son returned from Vietnam. According to US she contributed to the health and welfare of our Nation by providing sons to the war effort. All my uncles and cousins survived their combat tours. One brought home a bride from England.

Back to the churches. The Mexicans were not wanted. The churches shunned them. The German church was the closest but they really didn't want them. To tell the truth I'm not sure if this was before or after the attempts to organize, but I believe it was a few years after. I don't know if any Mexicans were working for Santa Fe then. They usually worked as laborers. I know my grandfather worked for Santa Fe but he came to the US as a young teen.

The mexican church was founded in 1914. After the parishioners had asked for a priest from the diocese and were turned down. So, they kidnaped one passing through, you know it, on the railroad!
They kept him until the diocese said they could found their own church and a priest would be provided. My grandparents were part of the community involved in the kidnapping. When we would ask her about it she would laugh. She said they had a very small building built for the church but the diocese felt that two churches within blocks was not a good idea. Per my GM the kidnapped priest quickly became sympathetic to their plight and actually petitioned the archbishop on their behalf. I wish we would have video tapped her telling the story. Our parish is now a national parish meaning anyone can claim it as their home parish.

When my parents were growing up they had no idea of the history. Times were hard, they focused on living not history so many people forgot why the Germans hated the Mexicans so much. Everyone put it down to racism.

So when my younger son was ending 7th grade the decision was made to combine the two catholic schools, again only blocks from each other. It wasn't easy, there were tensions but my sons class was the first graduating class and they weathered it far better than the parents and grandparents. The kids had a lot of fun that year. They taught the grown ups a few lessons. He is now 20 years old.
I live across the street from the German parish. Many of the tensions have subsided but on occasion the ugliness still rears it head.

Which church do we go to? Well that's complicated. It has more to do with the fact that we bought a house the parish considered theirs, despite the fact they have never owned it or the lot it sits on. They would like us to sell, but sell and give are two different things, and the price I have heard is "giving". Me, I have no plans to move. My house is about paid off and the inside was completely remodeled in 1999 by my carpenter husband. Why move?  I can't touch a house in my neighborhood, similar to size and location for what they are offering.  And why would I want to get into a new house payment, when I am about done with this one?

We go to,  I hope you have enjoyed my story;).

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Praying. . .

Yesterday I made a quick post about my update to "how to make a Jalisco" page.  In retrospect, it might seem that I was being callous not to mention all the people suffering loss and destruction in Oklahoma.  I wasn't. 

My brother lives in OK City and has for many years.  He has a sweet family whom I love dearly and don't get too see often enough. 

Luckily he was out of the path of the Tornado, he and his family were traveling but on their way home when the weather attacked.  They decided to detour to stay with other family North of the OKC area but still in OK. 

His job will put him in the work effort of rebuilding and support to the community affected.  He was focused on friends and family in the area as well as calling in orders from the road. 

I remember him telling me that he once raced home with a Tornado on the ground in OKC.  He said he got home just in time to take shelter in a closet with his family. 

I have been guilty of over immersing myself in the news and crying at the loss of life, destruction and the brave spirit of the folks in Moore, OK.  My post yesterday was an effort to pull myself out of the sadness.  My prayers are certainly with the Brave and Resilient People of Moore.  God Bless you everyone. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How to make a Jalisco - updated!!!

Hey, I know, she fell off the blog planet again!

Well I just updated my "How to make a Jalisco" Page.  Much better instructions.  I will add pictures hopefully later today.  Anywhere you see *** there is a picture coming. 

I have people asking for Nayarit pattern, I know I have promised it for months.  I just hate the bell sleeves.  But I have to get it up as well, perhaps by next Friday. 

Whats new you ask?  Well, my second job, which I like very much does have any need for me right now.  Me and alot of other nurses.  One Friday they cancelled 19 day shift nurse ans 14 night nurses, not PRN but full and part time nurses, Ouch!

No one knows what's going on.  Some say Obama care but I don't see how?  Please no political post, we all have an opinion, just like we all have a A--H---, you fill in the blank.

SO, I've been home more.  Yeah!!!  But I have kiddie tuition to pay, Ouch, any rich millionaire out there who wants to donate to my "pay off my debt", "student loan" or "kiddie tuition" fund. All donations readily accepted.   Not hurting just having to tighten the old belt, for which I am truely thankful! 

If you have any questions or constructive feedback regarding the updated Jalisco, please feel free to email me.  Have a great day! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Having Fun!

Quick note, if you've been checking in, you might wonder "what is going on?"  I keep changing the template.  Just shaking things up. 

I am working a crazy schedule this week but hope to get some sewing done.  I have four Jaliscos ordered!  Yikes!  One in emerald green, 1 fuschia, 1 black and 1 saphire blue.  I hate sewing the ribbon on, it is boring, but easy, takes about 25 minutes per color. 

I know I have at least 8 little girl costumes to get done, Michocan and China Polbana.  But has anyone ordered? No.  But most of them will need them by May 5th.  I will get four done in the next two weeks so I have them on hand.  Normally I don't start sewing until I get at least 50% up front to cover the cost of material.  And I don't charge alot for my time to sew. 

I got burned two years ago.  A lady ows me $50 bucks for a costume.  Yes I see her often but hey, she has to look at herself in the mirror and face me.  So, she ordered her Jalisco from someone else, did I warn the other seemstress, YES!  "get your money up front and don't hand over the costume until you are paid in full, even if her kid is up next."  The joke is on her, she is also going to need to embroidered blouses ~ Which can only come from me!  So, she going to have to come to me again. 

I have 1 Nayarit blouse ordered and 1 Sinaloa skirt ordered.  Hmmm. . .  I know there will be more. 

Pictures later.  I will first concentrate on fixing the how to make a Jalisco page.  New pictures and better instructions along with pictures of what I use for a pattern.  Hopefully by June 1 this page will be redone. 

Next will be the Nayarit Page.  Our dance group uses the same skirt for Sinaloa.  I will detail it later.  This skirt cost the most material wise to make but is probably the easiest to make.  The Satin Nayarit top is a pain but not a killer. 

Okay, happy sewing to you and you and you. . . !

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rolling and sewing

Rolling, all five vehicles are on the road again. Yeah!

Henry's home, my Husky. I was told that the ball barings where shot and the machine was a goner. This was three years ago. So, my beloved Henry sat. Found that we have a husqvarna dealer in town. "Not so" they said and Henry went for a visit. My feed dog was broken, knife needed replaced and the ball barings? Material stuck deep in my machine, all taken care of and a good cleaning was done. Henry is purring away again at home. Thanks Stitching Traditions in Topeka, KS and the great guy in Emporia, KS who fixed Henry!

Do you name your machines? I do.

What is it? A Star Trek purse of course.

My daughter is a Trekky.

Tomorrow, finish the Star Trek bag, one Jalisco top, embroider four Puebla tops. And my sewing room looks like this,



Projects on the door!

Happy sewing!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Does this ever happen at your house?

Five vehicles, we have five vehicles.  Three broke down this weekend.  My beloved Astro Van, alternator went out.  I had just paid $257 to have my daughter's brake line blah, blah, blah fixed.  I stopped listening when my husband was explaining.  Then it was going to be another $300 for my van, but we are doing this cash only thing and well, I figured I could wait three days.  I often have one of the kids or my husband cart me around anyway.  My brother-law was busy said he would do it Tuesday and save me a few bucks.  It's Wednesday, he got busy. 

Then, the battery went dead in the Jeep.  I know, buy a new one, Right?  No, per my sons and husband, that battery isn't that old.  So, they bought a battery charger and have charged it 3 days in row now.  Hmmm.  Now, does anyone know where the receipt is for the battery?  per son two, "your other son bought it and you know what happens to receipts with him."

Then, yes, car number three, flat tire.  Well that's easy right? No.  This car has been "lowered" and rides on skinny tires that are almost $200 a pop.  Very sensative to temperature changes.  Apparently, the tire ate a nail.  Bad tire, bad tire, don't eat nails!  :0

So what is running?  My husbands 2001 Chevy Pickup, 335,000 miles still rolling and with a purring engine, he is determine to roll to 400,000.  My daughter's 1989 Buick Park Avenue, this is a dream car, 92,000 original miles!!! My parents and Mother-in-law love this car.  It's like riding on a couch, so comfy and smooth ride.  My 20 year old son also wishes he would have taken the car when we offered it too him.  His loss, sisters gain!  My 29 year old son, who is very car savy and I wish he was in town, says "that is a good car".  I had a guy stop me in the parking lot at the fabric store last week to tell me how much he loved his Buick and wishes he had never sold it, apparently it was just like my daughters but blue.

What to do, what to do?  Son 2 borrowed his sister's car, dropped off both sisters at school, is getting the tire fixed as we speak.  then he will drive home, put the fixed tire back on, come pick me up at work, then back home to pick up his car, then to the High School to drop off sister's car and then I can go to bed.  Sometime this evening someone will pick up my Van from my BIL. The battery in the Jeep - don't ask me.  It's a guy thing. 

We are buying son 2 a new car this summer.  I'm done. 

Yes, I know, you're waiting on Nayarit Pictures.  There coming ~ Sorry!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

What happened to the Mac & Cheese?

This is what happens when I set the pan on the stove to set and walk away! My kids love home made Mac and Cheese.

They also think it's funny I have a blog. This picture would have been brighter if it wasn't for the three kids surrounding me. They really get a kick out of me blogging and the pictures I take.

Taste Of Home is the best cook book!


I know, your waiting for the Nayarit Pictures and instructions. They are coming, I promise.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Been Sewing! (Pic heavy)

In between costume sewing, I made this cute tank, now here is a story. I made this in just a few hours time, cutting included. BUT, when it came to the neck line I came to a screeching halt. Several attempts without success. In frustration I waded it and thew it in the trash. I mean really, I paid only $2 for the material, a remnant in the 50% off bin. But I really like the material, so soft and flattering to my curvy figure, (not all good curves). So, I fished it out with what scraps I had to make binding. I am dragging my feet piecing together the scrapes for the binding. I will finish it, wish me luck!

Here is the pattern, an oldy but a goody! I have made this pattern before but with long sleeves, very easy to follow and quick to finish. I have two more cut out.

Costumes! In progress. Next entry will be all about costumes!

My daughter's new Nayarit top, this time it will have the bell sleeves.

And what's cooking?

Ancho boiling,

Then to the blender,

And the grinder,

Enchiladas baby! A made traditional and then a batch of shrimp for my hubby. SO GOOD! Worth the work;).

Happy sewing, cooking, working and family to you!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Looking for some MOJO to GOGO

So, I have the whole day free!!!  I should be in the sewing room but,

I'm a chillin this a mornin.  Haha. 

My family survived the 9+ inches Mother Nature dumped in T-town.  The snow started between 5-6 am.  I got off work at 7:15 am.  Here's a look at my drive home.

At this point we only had 2-3 inches on the gound.  When I woke the final count was 9.6 inches I believe.  I have a Chevy Astro Van, no longer made, but I love it.  My second Astro, the last one I bought used and drove for 10 years.  This one is going on 9 years bought brand new and I still love it!  It has all wheel drive and snow is no issue!
A note about my younger son. 
The boy has big feet.  My size 9 boot compared to his size 15 boots.  Yes, military issue.  He is in the ANG.  Go AirForce!
Owner of the Boots.  Looking good kid. 

MOJO to GOGO:  I am going to spend the rest of the day SEWING!!!  When I find my MOJO.  No I shall get sewing in the next hour.  Have lots to do.  First up, I need to ask my FB friends for a little help.  I need measurements for 8-10 year olds.  Just length of back - base of neck to waist and length of waist to floor. 

To get my MOJO started, that darn Jalisco, AGAIN.  I made this one last spring after my daughter washed the first one with a red reboso.  Yes, the original dress went from white to pink but with a tie dye effect.  The new Jalisco, just like the original.

I am taking my ipad with me to the sewing room so I can take pictures to post. 

Happy snow day sewing to YOU!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What's for dinner?

Veggie lasagna, that's what! I was suppose to layer it, but I didn't have lasagna noodles. So, I used small shells and mixed it all together. Looks good, yum!

I don't remember where I got this recipe but it was on line. Tomorrow I will try shrimp tacos from Pioneer Woman's blog. Sounds good too!

I wish I had more time to cook. . Someday. For now, happy cooking at your house!


Monday, February 18, 2013

Let's Talk Nayarette!

Let's talk Nayarette.

The new style is the orange on the far left, the dance is Sinaloa.  But we use the same skirt with satin blouses for Nayarette.  See the difference, the two to the immediate right look washed out.  The far right, torquoise is my other daughter's skirt.

Here is the whole costume.  The orange pattern really stands out.  The pink is nice, and we have lost the green red outfit in the back.  The black with red top is damaged.  We are looking to change all the costumes to large pattern skirt with satin tops. 
If you can see closely the tops have fitted sleaves.  Our instructor wants the bell type sleeve so that is why I am making new sleeves.  All the costumes except the orange are over 20 years old. 

I just let the hem out on the Orange costume, my daughter grew a bit.  I luckily put in a two inch hem so taking it out to only a .5" hem was easy.  I love this costume.  As I finish costumes I will post pictures. 
To anyone wanting help with sewing, contact me via my blog and I will get back with you.  I am always happy to share websites for the best prices in ribbon.  I usually buy my material locally.  I make my own patterns.  I use an old cheerleader pattern for the tops for both Nayarette and Jalisco. 
Happy Sewing!!
Every post for the last year seems to begin with . . . Where have I been?

Sorry.  I have been. . . working, sewing, cross stitching and hanging with the family.  I have lots to post and again I pledge to be a better blogger. 

I will add pictures later and my goal this year is to post weekly.  And dare I say it, loose the 25 pounds I lost and regained over the last 2 years, and, drum roll please, I am ready to join the RTW Fast!!!  Oh my! 

I am also gearing up for Fiesta sewing.  Wow!  Usually he waits until May to tell me what we need by July but his year we are focused. 

On the list:  8 Michocan costumes, 8 China Plobano costumes all for girls age 6-10.  Full slips for all the older girls.  I will make the top out of broadcloth and the bottom out of ambiance lining.  The top will be tank with drawstring waist and then less than one circle attached skirt.  I believe I have over 20 to make. 

I have three Jalisco's to make.  One is adult size and the skirt is done.  The next two are for preteen girls one lavender and then other I am not sure. . .

I have five Nayarette costumes to make in teenage/adult size.  Two are for my girls and the skirts are done, I just have to make the satin tops with bell sleaves. 

I will be working my standard five 12 hours shifts per week, but I am done wining.  I have refocused and am out of my cry baby stage, thank God I moved out of it over a year ago maybe two.  I am also working out six days a week again and will start training for a 5K next month.  Right now I do 15 minutes weights, 5 minutes abs and 40 minutes on the eliptical three days a week and the other 3 are cardio so I either walk an hour or 40 minutes on the eliptical. 

So what to do with the RTW fast, well, I have losts of clothes in my closet that don't fit.  I would say 90% are too small.  Very sad I know.  And when I lost the last 25 I was at 25% still too snug to fit but the rest were fine.  So I begin again!  What happened?  I broke my foot and it cut into my exercising.  I was in so much pain that I didn't do anything but lay around and eat.  I tried to exercise but then would end up with a swollen foot for 2-3 days and never ending pain.  I refuse to buy any more clothes. 

My foot is kinda healed but I believe I will have to have surgery at some point.  I have lost mobility and because my great toe can not bend forward I can no longer wear heels!!  No that is a crime for a vain woman like me.  I like my heels even though I don't wear them often.  So, I going to loose this weight over the next 6 months, train and run the 5K and then see the good Doc about my foot.  I still have constant pain and some numbness from time to time but I don't want to put off my work out any more. 

Dare you ask about my kiddos?  One still in Texas working a good job.  One working part time, in the National Guard and going to school full time.  One a Junior in high school and rocking a 4.0 to 4.3.  And my baby, little Miss Meany, is a sophmore in high school.  She has worked hard and is now rocking her own 4.0.  I have nerds, the last three are not dating and are content to be single.  My husband and I are relieved as the last two are girls and we like that they are drama free girls. 

My son is still on the quest for the right girl.  What to say other than he likes to try and fit square pegs into round holes.  He wants to be in a committed relationship sooooo bad.  He is 6'2", done with college, well traveled, in the Guard for the last 10 years.  Owns a house here but lives in Texas.  He is good looking, funny, smart so what is the problem?  He picks the wrong girls and then spends years trying to make it work.   You got a daughter?  Are you under 30?  He has no kids and is looking for a girl who is focused on the future, done or finishing with her education, girl that likes to travel and is willing to build a relationship and commit to a couple years of marriage before babies.  He does want babies and would be happy with 2-5 or what ever the good Lord brings.  Prayers welcome!

See you next week!!!