Thursday, January 28, 2010

Skirt's done!!!!

I did it, I finally finished BriAnna's skirt. Now this is just her practice skirt for dance and very easy to sew, but due to lack of MOJO I haven't been able to move on the darn thing.

I am really disappointment with my Janome 350E. I am taking it to the store tomorrow and am going to show the Gal what I am unhappy about. I get free life time lessons at the store I purchased it at so I plan to take full advantage. You don't spend that much on an embrodery machine and not be satisfied. I don't remember exactly what I paid but I know it was around $1000. Maybe 850??

Now that BriAnna's skirt is done I have to get moving on my other projects. Of course there are unlimited items for dance but I also want to get my camera out and take pictures of all my past projects and post them. I have pictures of many already but need to get my bottom in gear and post.

I read a post on budgeting and I too have to get a hold on my spending. Now, first let me say I have cut way back. But I want to really put myself on a budget and when it's gone, it's gone and I have to wait for my next payday. For someone like me who has 3 jobs I have a payday every Friday so it won't kill me to wait.

I also want to post pictures of all my cross stitch projects. I am averaging one every 6 -8 months. I have 4 Mirabilia set to start and mutliple kits. I am working on a very simple pattern right now "when life gives you lemons, ask for tequila and salt" it is really cute and I should be done in 2-3 weeks. I have a couple of other small kits that I could get done in 2-4 weeks and I may go ahead and knock them out. I'll just have to see. I know my next major project will be Mirabilia "Fairy Flora". I found a cool hand dyed linen in the right color range. Now, I hate to cross stitch on linen but this linen will really make a difference in the finished project. Because it is hand dyed the color varies through out. I definately will post pictures.

We kids that is all for now. Spark people, Spark people, spark people!! I did get my spark people shirt in the mail today!! WooHoo!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sewing Goals for 2010

I will finish BriAnn'a skirt - haha. No really don't laugh this has to get done.

Okay, for dance:
1. 3 green skirts for Cinco de Mayo. Kelly green with black and red ribbon
2. 3 white blouses with lace edge sleeves, also for Cinco de Mayo
3. Alter all Norte skirts - attach slip to waist band so there will be no slipping (no pun intended)
4. 1 Jalisco costume: top and skirt
5. Add solid ruffle to Elyse's Sinaloa skirt
6. Sew garment bags for all the costumes 12 maybe more?? and embroider the last name and costume title on the bag

For me:
1. I would like to complete one dress
2. 2 pairs of shorts
3. 4 summer tops (two tanks and two short sleeve)
4. 2 Skirts for church
5. 1 lined blazer
6. 1 pair of matching pants
This is 11 garments, very challenging goal for a woman that works 60+ hours/per week

Tuesday Thoughts

* Still need to sew on the waist band to BriAnn's skirt

* I will sew the waist band today when I get home from

* SparkPeople website is acting up and keeps kicking me out, hmm

* Thanks to my sis, she and her hubby want to be sponsers for my son's senior Football poster

* Seb's going to be a senior next year. . . wow

* What to cook for dinner

* Think it will be spagetti as the kids have opened 3 sauce bottles, you know for their cheese sticks, but 3 really. . .

* My schedule changes in February, Yeah!!!

* So what do I do? Pick up more shifts from other jobs - someday, someday

* Only saw my husband for 40 minutes today, boo hoo.

* I still would love to have one of the dream houses

* Okay, maybe if I just get rid of some junk in my house. . . things that make you go hm.

* I am really tired today

* I am giving up my daily wine - need to cut back on the calories

* I really want some chocolate or a donut

* Why do I do this, make progress and then sabotage myself?

* Well no more!

* 25 lbs down by July

* Game on

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Mutterings

* Still didn't sew the waist band onto BriAnna's skirt

* Have to sew that waist band tomorrow

* I didn't cook dinner tonight

* The girls and I had our bi-monthly fast food fix "Fried chicken and all the fixin's"

* I love to read all the sewing bloggs on line, there are some talented folks out there

* someday I will only work one job

* My dream house is off the market, no bites

* Dream house #1 has been empty for over a year!!!

* Someday I might move

* Someday I will have time to sew until "the cows come home"

* I love my kids, they are the greatest

* I love my husband, he really loves me "wow, after 18 years"

* I love hanging with my mother when she is not stressed

* I love my dogs, especially when they don't pull up my rose bushes

* I don't ever want to go back to school - one degree is the max for me

* I have to copy this all to my sewing blogg - did it, here it is

* I need to up load some pictures to my sewing blogg

* I need to take some pictures of my daughter's dance costumes I have made

* How come I can make these costumes without a pattern and I can't seem to get in gear to make a real dress or outfit for me?

* I really love my kids

* whoops said that already

* My husband is so cute - for a "man's man" he really is a softy at home and he likes to cuddle

* Can you believe I like my mother-in-law, she is alright

* I finished my cross stitch project

* Averaging one CS project every 4-6 months

* Just wish it wasn't so expensive to get them matted and framed

* This one is Our Lady of Guadalupe, I changed the gold pattern in her dress, if you look hard enough you will see my fathers full name, date of birth and date of death

* I miss my dad

* My son's are crazy boys, haha!! Gotta love them!

* Son #2 was gone all day and my husband kept trying to get me jump his case

* I say "you tell me I am to soft on them, so you take over he is in high school now"

* I do kick his butt when he needs it, he is just so sweet I hate to do it

* I exercised today!!!

* Okay, Monday mutterings are done, I am getting ridiculous now

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Sighs

* Well, I did get the ruffle sewn onto BriAnna's Skirt - did I already post that

* I need to make myself finish the waist band - I mean really 30 minutes???

* Ordered the material for Elyse's Jalisco and the 3 skirts for Cinco De Mayo

* I need to figure out what color ribbon I have on hand & what to order

* I still have gone to the movies

* The girls and I are going to buy Paranormal Activity so we can watch all the alternative endings!

* Elena is really sick - fever, vomitting, ear ache and lower left lung pain - yes I am a nurse, she sounds clear - and was getting to feel better last night

* my hours are changing, I can't wait!!

* My "high school" co-workers are made at me and acting out - Haha!! I know I'm 40+ how old do they really think they are and how long will it take for them to realize I don't play games??

* I like blogging - good therapy

* I Sparked Today - have you?

* earned $20 gift cert on the points wheel so I bought a SparkPeople T-shirt!

* Spark People, Spark People, Spark People and Spark People That's five!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's almost 5am and for most the day is about to start, but for me I well into it.

I do believe my schedule will change - hopefully the drama is over.

You ever work with a co-worker who is very negative?

Negative Nelly

Mad Maude

Vicious Valorie

Angry Andrea

Debbie Downer

I know you know her or him

Negative Ned, Mad Mark, Vicious Vic, Angry Arthur & Danny Downer. . . Haha

Finished the ruffle on my nieces practice skirt - only the waist band to go!

I wish my daughter would clean her room

My job interview went well

The job is on hold "your the perfect canidate, but we have had to put the job on hold, it might be a while" - I can wait!!

I don't want to go to my second job later today or tomorrow either

Think about the money. . . okay, I still don't want to go

I wish someone else would take down the tree

My son said he will help on Saturday

Yes, January is almost over and we still have the tree up.

I lost 10 pounds, but didn't go to Jazzercise this week

I will go to Jazzercise on Saturday morning when I get off work.

I really do like Jazzercise, I just like to sleep too

Tomorrow we are having Fajitas - steak, chicken and shrimp.

My son is still single, no prospects on the horizon

I think this is good for him to be single a little while longer

I want a bigger house

I need to clean my house - I will on Saturday

Wow, I am not looking forward to Saturday

I want to go see "It's complicated" - I have to call Gail and see if she wants to go

I need to update my Spark progress

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wow - how long has it been?

Wow, I really got lazy and have not blogged. Not that anyone is really checking but blogging is good therapy.

I did get my sewing area organized. I am still sharing space with my daughter - she doesn't mind but I do. Let me first say that her room is very large 16' x 20' with a large walk in closet. I could convert her closet to my sewing room but so far she has not like this idea. See she is 13 and the baby. She hates to clean her room and use to share with her sister. Well one kid moved out so the rest moved to different rooms and now the 3 at home have their own rooms.

At any rate, when we remodeled the house some 11 years ago we did not put a door on the girls bed room, they were only 2 & 3 at the time. Well, the older one moved to her brother's old room, smaller but she is very tidy and it works well for her. The baby stayed in the larger room and hates to clean. She is getting better, but very often you can not see the floor of her room.

The joke in the family is she will get a door when she keeps her room clean for 2 months. Not spotless, just no clothing on the floor - right now you would be hard pressed to figure out what is clean and what is dirty - she says she knows and that is enough. She goes into her large walkin closet (5 x 16) and changes - privacy. The point of my long story, this is why she doesn't want me to take over her closet for my sewing room. So long as she has the closet she still has privacy and she doesn't have to keep her room picked up. It really is a win-win for her.

My dream house is off the market, still didn't sell but after almost a year they took it off the market. We are doing much better financially but realistically now would not be a good time to buy another home. Yes we could do it, but it would be better to wait. I have prayed over this "alot" and know in my heart that God will lead me to the right home at the right time. Right now doesn't feel right so I am working on "Patience". Not a strong point of mine and I have asked for learning/growing opportunities.

Nothing else new except I have a job interview on Wednesday. Now why does a woman with 3 jobs, one full time, one part time and one PRN need another job? Well, it is my hope that this other job will be similar to my full time job and I can quit the PRN job and if enough hours are available eventually quit the part time two and just have the two "easy on my body" jobs.

Pray, pray, pray. Other drama going on at work, but I won't fill the blog with the negative right now. I know things will work out I just have to keep quiet and pray for patiences and peace. I think I will cross stitch a patience and peace banner for my bedroom.