Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I bought a Bike!!  I bought a Cruiser bike.  I have logged miles, yes, miles in the last 3 days.  Day 1 - only 2.5 miles.  Day 2 - EIGHT miles!  Day 3 - EIGHT miles! 

My brother is an electrician and he has worked steadily for the last 7 years with an hour drive to and from his job site.  His wife was finishing her masters degree (go Beth!) and now that she is done and working full time, he said "lay me off boss".    Now he's enjoying the vacation.  He found out I was going to bike and he said, "Hey, I'll join you."  He's been biking about 3 hours a day during his lay off and was excited to have company.  My uncle, at 75 is in incredible health.  He lives a block away and found out and said, "Hey, I'll join you."

So, for the last 3 days my brother, my uncle, my two daughters and I have been hitting the trails.  We have the Sunga trail and it is so very nice and it's paved.  Today we biked around Shawnee Lake.  Now if you had asked me a year ago if I would have thought I would ever bike around the lake I would have laughed.  Today, I DID IT!!

I was walking four miles daily but I broke my foot.  A nice little stress fractured has plagued me for the last 8 months.  I have gain back all but 5 pounds of the +20 I lost last year and am sick about it.  So, I bought a bike. 

My poor daughter did not understand shifting gears and when we explained and she tried we found her bike was broken.  It was stuck in the hardest gear to peddle.  She was miserable today.  So I bought her a new bike and this evening my husband is going to explain to her about the gears and  teach her to shift. 

Tomorrow we will exceed 10 miles on the Shunga trail.  The Shunga trail is paved and the scenery is so nice, it is hard to believe we are peddling across town in a heavily populated area.  I will post a picture of my bike later.  My cruiser has no gears and no hand brakes.  I wish I would have bought the model with the hand brakes and gears.  I think I will push through this summer and then will sell it on Craig's list and buy the other model.  I just can't justify it right now.  On a positive note, the no gears thing is a work out, up hill it is all me baby.  Okay, so here's a fond farewell to my fat roll.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Progress. . .

Jalisco skirt number 1 (light blue one), shorted, waist band re-attached!  Yeah, this skirt even has one performance under it's belt (or re-attached waist band, haha). 

Jalisco top number 1 (orange), dancer measured, and all alterations completed, it only took one day (about 4 hours).  I shorted the body of the blouse, took about 6.5 inches off the waist, applied darts in the front and back for better fitting and had to adjust the sleeves.  Good Job Angel at loosing the weight! 

Jalisco skirt number 3 (white).  Panels cut, serge and sewn together (12 in all).  Ruffle cut, serged, attached and all four ribbons sewn on.  Waiting on JKM Ribbon to send me more lace or I will have to pull of the old skirt and apply to the new, what a pain. 

Jalisco skirt number 2 (purple).  just need to apply waist band and suspenders. 

Jalisco top number 2 (purple), will fit dancer Tuesday. 

Embroidered tops to match skirts.  One done (turquoise).  This weekend will have to be weekend of speed!  I want to knock out one Jalisco top.  If I could get the puple Jalisco finished this weekend I will be ahead of the game (I only work 5 12's and an 8 this week).   READY, set, SEW!!!  

Pictures later!