Monday, February 18, 2013

Let's Talk Nayarette!

Let's talk Nayarette.

The new style is the orange on the far left, the dance is Sinaloa.  But we use the same skirt with satin blouses for Nayarette.  See the difference, the two to the immediate right look washed out.  The far right, torquoise is my other daughter's skirt.

Here is the whole costume.  The orange pattern really stands out.  The pink is nice, and we have lost the green red outfit in the back.  The black with red top is damaged.  We are looking to change all the costumes to large pattern skirt with satin tops. 
If you can see closely the tops have fitted sleaves.  Our instructor wants the bell type sleeve so that is why I am making new sleeves.  All the costumes except the orange are over 20 years old. 

I just let the hem out on the Orange costume, my daughter grew a bit.  I luckily put in a two inch hem so taking it out to only a .5" hem was easy.  I love this costume.  As I finish costumes I will post pictures. 
To anyone wanting help with sewing, contact me via my blog and I will get back with you.  I am always happy to share websites for the best prices in ribbon.  I usually buy my material locally.  I make my own patterns.  I use an old cheerleader pattern for the tops for both Nayarette and Jalisco. 
Happy Sewing!!

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