Saturday, February 23, 2013

Looking for some MOJO to GOGO

So, I have the whole day free!!!  I should be in the sewing room but,

I'm a chillin this a mornin.  Haha. 

My family survived the 9+ inches Mother Nature dumped in T-town.  The snow started between 5-6 am.  I got off work at 7:15 am.  Here's a look at my drive home.

At this point we only had 2-3 inches on the gound.  When I woke the final count was 9.6 inches I believe.  I have a Chevy Astro Van, no longer made, but I love it.  My second Astro, the last one I bought used and drove for 10 years.  This one is going on 9 years bought brand new and I still love it!  It has all wheel drive and snow is no issue!
A note about my younger son. 
The boy has big feet.  My size 9 boot compared to his size 15 boots.  Yes, military issue.  He is in the ANG.  Go AirForce!
Owner of the Boots.  Looking good kid. 

MOJO to GOGO:  I am going to spend the rest of the day SEWING!!!  When I find my MOJO.  No I shall get sewing in the next hour.  Have lots to do.  First up, I need to ask my FB friends for a little help.  I need measurements for 8-10 year olds.  Just length of back - base of neck to waist and length of waist to floor. 

To get my MOJO started, that darn Jalisco, AGAIN.  I made this one last spring after my daughter washed the first one with a red reboso.  Yes, the original dress went from white to pink but with a tie dye effect.  The new Jalisco, just like the original.

I am taking my ipad with me to the sewing room so I can take pictures to post. 

Happy snow day sewing to YOU!

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