Saturday, March 16, 2013

Been Sewing! (Pic heavy)

In between costume sewing, I made this cute tank, now here is a story. I made this in just a few hours time, cutting included. BUT, when it came to the neck line I came to a screeching halt. Several attempts without success. In frustration I waded it and thew it in the trash. I mean really, I paid only $2 for the material, a remnant in the 50% off bin. But I really like the material, so soft and flattering to my curvy figure, (not all good curves). So, I fished it out with what scraps I had to make binding. I am dragging my feet piecing together the scrapes for the binding. I will finish it, wish me luck!

Here is the pattern, an oldy but a goody! I have made this pattern before but with long sleeves, very easy to follow and quick to finish. I have two more cut out.

Costumes! In progress. Next entry will be all about costumes!

My daughter's new Nayarit top, this time it will have the bell sleeves.

And what's cooking?

Ancho boiling,

Then to the blender,

And the grinder,

Enchiladas baby! A made traditional and then a batch of shrimp for my hubby. SO GOOD! Worth the work;).

Happy sewing, cooking, working and family to you!

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