Monday, April 8, 2013

Having Fun!

Quick note, if you've been checking in, you might wonder "what is going on?"  I keep changing the template.  Just shaking things up. 

I am working a crazy schedule this week but hope to get some sewing done.  I have four Jaliscos ordered!  Yikes!  One in emerald green, 1 fuschia, 1 black and 1 saphire blue.  I hate sewing the ribbon on, it is boring, but easy, takes about 25 minutes per color. 

I know I have at least 8 little girl costumes to get done, Michocan and China Polbana.  But has anyone ordered? No.  But most of them will need them by May 5th.  I will get four done in the next two weeks so I have them on hand.  Normally I don't start sewing until I get at least 50% up front to cover the cost of material.  And I don't charge alot for my time to sew. 

I got burned two years ago.  A lady ows me $50 bucks for a costume.  Yes I see her often but hey, she has to look at herself in the mirror and face me.  So, she ordered her Jalisco from someone else, did I warn the other seemstress, YES!  "get your money up front and don't hand over the costume until you are paid in full, even if her kid is up next."  The joke is on her, she is also going to need to embroidered blouses ~ Which can only come from me!  So, she going to have to come to me again. 

I have 1 Nayarit blouse ordered and 1 Sinaloa skirt ordered.  Hmmm. . .  I know there will be more. 

Pictures later.  I will first concentrate on fixing the how to make a Jalisco page.  New pictures and better instructions along with pictures of what I use for a pattern.  Hopefully by June 1 this page will be redone. 

Next will be the Nayarit Page.  Our dance group uses the same skirt for Sinaloa.  I will detail it later.  This skirt cost the most material wise to make but is probably the easiest to make.  The Satin Nayarit top is a pain but not a killer. 

Okay, happy sewing to you and you and you. . . !

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