Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rolling and sewing

Rolling, all five vehicles are on the road again. Yeah!

Henry's home, my Husky. I was told that the ball barings where shot and the machine was a goner. This was three years ago. So, my beloved Henry sat. Found that we have a husqvarna dealer in town. "Not so" they said and Henry went for a visit. My feed dog was broken, knife needed replaced and the ball barings? Material stuck deep in my machine, all taken care of and a good cleaning was done. Henry is purring away again at home. Thanks Stitching Traditions in Topeka, KS and the great guy in Emporia, KS who fixed Henry!

Do you name your machines? I do.

What is it? A Star Trek purse of course.

My daughter is a Trekky.

Tomorrow, finish the Star Trek bag, one Jalisco top, embroider four Puebla tops. And my sewing room looks like this,



Projects on the door!

Happy sewing!

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  1. I wish I had a sewing or craft room where I can work on my project...all my stuffs are sitting on our family dining table. I like your zebra chair!