Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I fell off the face of the Earth. . . Again, LOL!!!

Yes, it's so true to form.  I fell off the face of the earth, again.  What happened, so you say, Or I pretend to hear. 

Well, same ol, same ol and yet, not.  Over the last year+ there have been many changes in my life.  I don't want to bore anyone, or make myself sad.  So lets just hit the highs. . .

Yes, I'm still married.  My marriage rolls along, the sea is clear and while waters in other lands may get choppy, we float along calm water.  thanks God!

My son turned 30!!!!  Oh my.  He proposed, got married and had a baby - all in less than a year!!!!  So you know what that means?  Yes, Call me Grandma!!!

My second son is taking time off from college while he grows and figures out where he wants life to take him.  He does have a JOB and he is still in the National Guard. Only sadness I will touch on. . . His beloved dog, Swarly, was poisoned.  I still tear up, I loved that guy.  

So when we went to Texas to see my grand-daughter, we brought home a new puppy.  Rex, aka, Rex-a-million, is a joy. 

My Daughter, BooPah got a major scholorship to college and this Mother is off the hook for tuition and books!!!!!  She was the Commander's Pick for the Air Force ROTC program at KU!  Rock Chalk, go AirForce!!!  She starts school in a few more weeks.

My Baby will be a senior in high school this year.  Now I panic, my heart is racing.  Empty nest, what will I do???? 

For 30 years I have devoted myself to others.  Now what???  (lamaze breathing here)

Yes, I've been a bit depressed with all the changes.  It's come on gradually, with mini panic attacks.  It started with the annoucement of my son's wedding, the birth of my granddaughter, major family illness, and then the loss of Swarly.  And even though there have been so many blessings, my life is changing fast.  The constant rush and feeling of "what next" even though most events where joyful.  One day it hit me, "I'm depressed". 

My mother-in-law is growing more dependent on my family and my parents have been in/out of the hospital.  Almost tag each other like wrestlers in/out of the ring.  My mother had open heart surgery and seeing her after in ICU hit me hard. 

I turned 49, this month.  And since so much is changing I think I will continue with the changes. 
Here we go. . . I should be going to day shift in a month. I'm cutting way back my hours from work. Gone are the 70-80 hour weeks. Now I'm doing 50-60. For me that's major and I will cut back even more, down to 50 or less.

This last year of my 40's, and before I turn 50, I want to focus on me a little more than I have in the last few years.  I need to loose 30 pounds, the doctor said 50 and if that happens, I'll take it!  I need to return to my spiritual life, no more slap dash praying on the fly.  But really devoting time daily in prayer and meditation.  Hit the gym 5 times a week - now if you know me, you know I do really well for a few weeks, and then I crawl into a bag of chips and hide from my workout clothes for a few weeks.  I'm hoping by getting off nights I won't be tired all the time and I can avoid the chip cave. 

For the next year I plan to blog at least weekly.  yes I have been sewing!  And crocheting & cross stitching.  Time to get my blog updated with all my projects on hand. 

Folks, be kind to everyone you meet.  And when someone not nice crosses your path, take a deep breath and pray for them.  Allow Forgiveness and Peace into your heart and Joy will surely follow. God Bless you!

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