Monday, August 11, 2014


Dinner tonight . . . TaDaaaa!
flautas or taquitos, depending on your Momma,
fideo or mexican spaghetti (I know, right? ;),
avacado and some pico. Yummy in my tummy.
Sewing for Everest, my granddaughter.
They live in SA,TX, so sun hat is appropriate. First time I've made one and it was super easy. After cutting, it was less than an hour of sewing. Fun!
Slippers, I wanted to try this pattern and it took a little bit. I didn't like the instructions on inserting the inner sole and I didn't want exposed seams. So I watched a video on YouTube and was able to have hidden seams. I love YouTube. You can learn to do almost anything.
This was made out of scraps! Pennies ;).
Making progress! Mirabilia's "Angel Proclamation".
One more angel, letters, beads, outline and ribbon. I'm going to add my granddaughter's name, date of birth and weight/length.
Wanda Whinner. Yup, my other self. Still waiting to go to days. Crazy co-workers, trying to stay drama free. It is so hard sometimes to ignore the stupid sh--t. I'm trying. You know those co-workers that say they are team players but in the background they're working every angle to pad their own nest. Yeah. Lord give me strength to walk in your peace.

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