Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Crochet and Grandma Land

Since my last post, I haven't done much sewing. I did sew rank patches to my son's uniform.
But, I've been crocheting!  My first ever baby sweater! I've crocheted off on, completed a few blankets but I have more unfinished crochet projects sitting around that completed projects.  I think I just might have graduated to an "accomplished" or "intermediate" crocheter.  A proud moment. 
 For my granddaughter Everest. I used the 12 month pattern. She's 6 months and wearing 6-9 month perfect, so next week they'll be too small.   The pattern is free online from Caron yarn site, I think it's A shared site for Caron, Patron and Bernat yarns. The patterned called for Caron International"s Simply Soft Brites weight 4.  I had Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable yarn on hand.
I really like this yarn. I have it in blue and plan to make a shawl for myself.

Then I made another sweater!
I added buttons but didn't take a picture. I finished it and went straight to the post office to mail to SA, TX.
This pattern was from RedHeart yarn website and was free too. I've bought patterns from but the yarn sites free patterns are hands down much easier. I used Bernat's baby warn weight 3 for this sweater.  The pattern called for Red Heart Anne Geddes Baby weight 3 (light). 
Next? A baby dress, I bought the pattern from seller.
I'm using YarnBee lace yarn weight 2. The pattern calls for baby fingering weight 1 yarn. I like this yarn, it's $5.99. It bought it on sale and am going back for more in different colors.
I always thought yarn was yarn.  I never understood the weight  catagory.  I understood that crochet hooks came in sizes and impacted stitch count or gauge.  I just never understood the same for yarn.  So, after purchasing some patterns from sellers, I went looking for yarn.  It isn't easy to find "Baby Fingering Yarn, weight 1".  In my area I have Joann's, Hobby Lobby and Michaels.  Joann's and Michael's carry mainly weight 4, Sport Weight Yarn with a handful of weight 3.  Hobby Lobby has a nice selection of yarns and they have a small selection of different weight's.  Walmart carries one isle of yarn and mainly weight 4 with perhaps 4-5 colors in weight 3. 

Right now I'm hanging in my kitchen watching TV before I leave for work.
Coffee please, and yes to the whip cream!

I love my outlet covers. I need a couple more. It took months of watching EBay to get the 4 I have and then, no mas. I can't find anymore. I'm hoping to find some in SA, TX when I go at the end of this month.
Still waiting to go to day shift. Still tired most of the time but overall I'm feeling better. I only work 4 hours at my second job in the last 2 weeks! Wow! But I had 16 hours OT. Life is good, time to go.

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