Sunday, February 21, 2016

I'm Back!

After a brief hiatus, I've returned. I've not sew any dance costumes in a couple years, but I have request and do plan to get back at it. But I have been sewing.
A quilt for Ezra, my newest granddaughter.
I learned by making a quilt for Everest, my first granddaughter and older sister to Ezra.

Two years ago, we became grandparents. Five years ago, our oldest son moved to Texas, meant the woman of his dreams and married. They've had 2 blessings since.
My daughter ran for Fiesta Mexicana Queen, a large fund raising event for our church Our Lady of Guadalupe in Topeka. The campaign consumed our lives for five months.
She won! Here she is with Father Jerry at the ribbon cutting ceremony.
Two more quilts I made for the girls. Sorry the lighting isn't the best. I promise to get better.
The lighting doesn't do this quilt justice, it is very pretty. Light pinks and cream colors.
A little bit of crocheting on the side.
Everest and daddy sitting on grandma's porch Fiesta time!

My Ezra Joelle. Precious.
Well, I'll be back with pictures of my latest quilt. I've misplaced part of my embroidery frame, so I took a break.
I just had the frame, I put it down and it walked away. Ho hum, I'll find it now that I've had a moment of calm.

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