Monday, March 22, 2010

Update. . .

I think the girl has picked her school.  She will go the first year to Hayden.  Hayden is a wonderful school, private with small student body in the neighborhood of 500-600, grades 9-12.  Her older brother is there and this is the best option for her for now.
Topeka High, my alma mater is also a wonderful school but the student body is > 1500 maybe around 2000 students. It is public and pulls from all over the city. Since she is coming out of an 8th grade class of 26, also private and her older brother is at Hayden, we chose Hayden. She will not however be in the band. This was the deal breaker - she does not care for the band instructer at Hayden and has opted for debate instead. She will continue to play clarinet, acoustic & electric guitars on her own and in the Mariachi (Guitar,Vihuela & Guitarron).

I have to stop and have the priest sign off on her "parishner in good standing" form. Simply states that we tithe, volunteer and go to church on a regular basis.

Ol'man, I am gonna have a good cry come May when she graduates!

Wow, I think in my mind she will always be 3 and her sister 2 - life has been a whirlwind since then!!!

The sisters 3 years ago - I lost alot of pictures when my camera was stolen.  Always up load your photos!!!!

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