Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Machines

This is my Janomi MO200 QC - I purchased this to replace "Edna" my beloved Kenmore. Edna and I spent many hours creating some beautiful costumes and garments. Unfortunately Edna was unable to be repaired. She still stitches a excellent straight stitch but nothing else. I still have Edna as a back up and travel machine (when I know that I am not going to need anything other than a straight stitch). I do love my knew Janomi and the buttong hole function is to die for!

This is my Huskylock 936. I purchased this machine 5 years ago and sadly I still have yet to learn how use this machine. Oh, I serge everything and use the same 1-2 stitches but nothing more. I am looking for a class or some kind soul in my area who is willing to spend time teaching me to fully use this wonderful machine.

My embroidery machine is also a Janomi - 350E to be exact. I am taking classes at the shop I purchased this machine. I really enjoy it.

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