Saturday, May 26, 2012

OMG, Where have I been?

Busy, that's where. I changed jobs, quick the dreaded 2nd job at the place that shall not be named, "it's not easy being green", for a nicer, less stressful 2nd job. I kept my umber one JOB, I'll never leave that one. My hubby worked from September until May, he should go back next week. Not much building in the KC area, economy still kicking our butts.

Now the fun stuff. First let me say, I bought an iPad and I am trying to learn to blogg from it. I had to down load an app so I could import pictures from my iPad, hopefully this works we shall see.

See the puppy above? My first success loading a picture. It was some work, but I think I got it. The puppy is Swarley. My grand-puppy. He is so sweet and lovable.

So, now I can' t get the next pic to load!

Okay, I figured it out. The roses were from my four Brilliant children for mother's day.

What have I been working on?

This is a blouse for my daughter. Later I will show u the complete costume. In case u are wondering or missed it, I make costumes for my daughters' (yes, plural) dance troupe. Ballet Folklorico de Topeka.

I made hair pieces.

And here's a picture of her wearing the hair pieces.

Okay, now that I think I got this, I will detail my Fiesta prep this year! Right now, I have one entire Jaliso to make, there is a story there but I will save fr a later post. Two Jaliscos to put waist bands on, two Jalisco tops to alter, one Jalisco top to make. One Sinaloa skirt to make, two Sinaloa tops to finish and make, two Vera Cruz tops to make (very simple), and probably more to come with 6 weeks to go.

Join me! The week of the Fiesta I will meet you fellow seamstresses on my Mama's porch with a cold one, a big coney dog, a torta, and what ever else we decide sounds good, oh, like the big funnel cake! Don't leave before the nightly parade, YouTube video to come.


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  1. Congratulation on your new iPad. I want one. I need a tutorial on how to make trenza for Jalisco hairpieces.