Monday, May 28, 2012

Just finished!

I just finished this project. Spring Fairy Spirit by Passione Ricamo. It is for a special cousin's graduation her name is in the wing, her last name on top in green. Her brother's names on the right and her parents on the left. I love the framing and matting. Thanks Frame Warehouse in Topeka, KS. The picture doesn't do it justice, it is very pretty.

This young lady lost her father at a young age. She is often at our home and I want this to be special. The pictures don't do the project justice. I am very happy with the outcome.

She loved it! Finished this post after the graduation party.

My next project is "The Bliss Fairy" by Nora Cobett, Mirabilia. This is for my niece.


I really like Mirabila charts. Here' the last one I did


November Topaz Fairy. For my daughter, Elyse. Can you find her name?

Her room is blue and the frame is blue as is the under matting. Ane the picture, her 8th graduation, she wanted that tierra.


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