Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Getting done, More Quilt fun

I'm making another quilt. I plan to donate it to the church craft sale. I've made chevron and what I call strip quilts so I thought I'd try simple blocks. I cut out 5.5" squares, finished 5" squares. Now remember, I'm a self taught sewer/quilter so I may be using incorrect terminology.
I used my Janome for the straight lines, Eliose is my main gal, we stitch everything together.
A tight work space but it worked.
I just bought this gal, but classic me. I bought this gorgeous machine and it sat for a couple of months before I could work up the confidence to use her. In the mean time, I've misplaced the bobbin case and part of the power cord for the bobbin winder. Lucky for me, I took a "fun" part time job with our local Viking store and will be able to order the right parts first time out. You never know when you're hunting on the internet if you've ordered the right part or if it's actually made by the company.
I did some decorative stitching on my Singer Futura Quintet.
Sandy, in action, LOL!
I'll post again after I have the quilt binding on. Wish me luck, usually I put on piping or gathered satin around the edges. This will be the first time I actually bind my quilt the traditional way.

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