Saturday, February 27, 2016

Glasses for sewing

I had perfect vision until my late 30's, then only a mild correction. My 40's I needed bifocals. Now 50, I can't see without my glasses and struggle to see when I sew or am on the computer working. My optometrist explained that he could give me a prescription just for sewing, because that is most important, and if the computer screen was less than 2 feet away the glasses would be good for work too. I got them, I can see, I can see! And they're pretty too!

I spent a little extra to get the Tiffany frames. Pretty! But most important, I can see!!!

Sometimes, you have to spoil yourself.

Yesterday, I spoiled my family.


Chile Reyellenos, yum! I filled them with diced sweet potatoes and oinion sautéed before mixing with cheese. I made 3 this way and the rest I added shrimp to the mixture. It is time consuming and messy, I will own up to being a messy cook, but since I do the clean up afterwards I'm the one who suffers my mess.

Back to quilting. Happy sewing folks!


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