Thursday, January 28, 2010

Skirt's done!!!!

I did it, I finally finished BriAnna's skirt. Now this is just her practice skirt for dance and very easy to sew, but due to lack of MOJO I haven't been able to move on the darn thing.

I am really disappointment with my Janome 350E. I am taking it to the store tomorrow and am going to show the Gal what I am unhappy about. I get free life time lessons at the store I purchased it at so I plan to take full advantage. You don't spend that much on an embrodery machine and not be satisfied. I don't remember exactly what I paid but I know it was around $1000. Maybe 850??

Now that BriAnna's skirt is done I have to get moving on my other projects. Of course there are unlimited items for dance but I also want to get my camera out and take pictures of all my past projects and post them. I have pictures of many already but need to get my bottom in gear and post.

I read a post on budgeting and I too have to get a hold on my spending. Now, first let me say I have cut way back. But I want to really put myself on a budget and when it's gone, it's gone and I have to wait for my next payday. For someone like me who has 3 jobs I have a payday every Friday so it won't kill me to wait.

I also want to post pictures of all my cross stitch projects. I am averaging one every 6 -8 months. I have 4 Mirabilia set to start and mutliple kits. I am working on a very simple pattern right now "when life gives you lemons, ask for tequila and salt" it is really cute and I should be done in 2-3 weeks. I have a couple of other small kits that I could get done in 2-4 weeks and I may go ahead and knock them out. I'll just have to see. I know my next major project will be Mirabilia "Fairy Flora". I found a cool hand dyed linen in the right color range. Now, I hate to cross stitch on linen but this linen will really make a difference in the finished project. Because it is hand dyed the color varies through out. I definately will post pictures.

We kids that is all for now. Spark people, Spark people, spark people!! I did get my spark people shirt in the mail today!! WooHoo!!

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