Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

* Still need to sew on the waist band to BriAnn's skirt

* I will sew the waist band today when I get home from

* SparkPeople website is acting up and keeps kicking me out, hmm

* Thanks to my sis, she and her hubby want to be sponsers for my son's senior Football poster

* Seb's going to be a senior next year. . . wow

* What to cook for dinner

* Think it will be spagetti as the kids have opened 3 sauce bottles, you know for their cheese sticks, but 3 really. . .

* My schedule changes in February, Yeah!!!

* So what do I do? Pick up more shifts from other jobs - someday, someday

* Only saw my husband for 40 minutes today, boo hoo.

* I still would love to have one of the dream houses

* Okay, maybe if I just get rid of some junk in my house. . . things that make you go hm.

* I am really tired today

* I am giving up my daily wine - need to cut back on the calories

* I really want some chocolate or a donut

* Why do I do this, make progress and then sabotage myself?

* Well no more!

* 25 lbs down by July

* Game on

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