Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Sighs

* Well, I did get the ruffle sewn onto BriAnna's Skirt - did I already post that

* I need to make myself finish the waist band - I mean really 30 minutes???

* Ordered the material for Elyse's Jalisco and the 3 skirts for Cinco De Mayo

* I need to figure out what color ribbon I have on hand & what to order

* I still have gone to the movies

* The girls and I are going to buy Paranormal Activity so we can watch all the alternative endings!

* Elena is really sick - fever, vomitting, ear ache and lower left lung pain - yes I am a nurse, she sounds clear - and was getting to feel better last night

* my hours are changing, I can't wait!!

* My "high school" co-workers are made at me and acting out - Haha!! I know I'm 40+ how old do they really think they are and how long will it take for them to realize I don't play games??

* I like blogging - good therapy

* I Sparked Today - have you?

* earned $20 gift cert on the points wheel so I bought a SparkPeople T-shirt!

* Spark People, Spark People, Spark People and Spark People That's five!!!

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