Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sewing Goals for 2010

I will finish BriAnn'a skirt - haha. No really don't laugh this has to get done.

Okay, for dance:
1. 3 green skirts for Cinco de Mayo. Kelly green with black and red ribbon
2. 3 white blouses with lace edge sleeves, also for Cinco de Mayo
3. Alter all Norte skirts - attach slip to waist band so there will be no slipping (no pun intended)
4. 1 Jalisco costume: top and skirt
5. Add solid ruffle to Elyse's Sinaloa skirt
6. Sew garment bags for all the costumes 12 maybe more?? and embroider the last name and costume title on the bag

For me:
1. I would like to complete one dress
2. 2 pairs of shorts
3. 4 summer tops (two tanks and two short sleeve)
4. 2 Skirts for church
5. 1 lined blazer
6. 1 pair of matching pants
This is 11 garments, very challenging goal for a woman that works 60+ hours/per week

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