Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Mutterings

* Still didn't sew the waist band onto BriAnna's skirt

* Have to sew that waist band tomorrow

* I didn't cook dinner tonight

* The girls and I had our bi-monthly fast food fix "Fried chicken and all the fixin's"

* I love to read all the sewing bloggs on line, there are some talented folks out there

* someday I will only work one job

* My dream house is off the market, no bites

* Dream house #1 has been empty for over a year!!!

* Someday I might move

* Someday I will have time to sew until "the cows come home"

* I love my kids, they are the greatest

* I love my husband, he really loves me "wow, after 18 years"

* I love hanging with my mother when she is not stressed

* I love my dogs, especially when they don't pull up my rose bushes

* I don't ever want to go back to school - one degree is the max for me

* I have to copy this all to my sewing blogg - did it, here it is

* I need to up load some pictures to my sewing blogg

* I need to take some pictures of my daughter's dance costumes I have made

* How come I can make these costumes without a pattern and I can't seem to get in gear to make a real dress or outfit for me?

* I really love my kids

* whoops said that already

* My husband is so cute - for a "man's man" he really is a softy at home and he likes to cuddle

* Can you believe I like my mother-in-law, she is alright

* I finished my cross stitch project

* Averaging one CS project every 4-6 months

* Just wish it wasn't so expensive to get them matted and framed

* This one is Our Lady of Guadalupe, I changed the gold pattern in her dress, if you look hard enough you will see my fathers full name, date of birth and date of death

* I miss my dad

* My son's are crazy boys, haha!! Gotta love them!

* Son #2 was gone all day and my husband kept trying to get me jump his case

* I say "you tell me I am to soft on them, so you take over he is in high school now"

* I do kick his butt when he needs it, he is just so sweet I hate to do it

* I exercised today!!!

* Okay, Monday mutterings are done, I am getting ridiculous now

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