Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's almost 5am and for most the day is about to start, but for me I well into it.

I do believe my schedule will change - hopefully the drama is over.

You ever work with a co-worker who is very negative?

Negative Nelly

Mad Maude

Vicious Valorie

Angry Andrea

Debbie Downer

I know you know her or him

Negative Ned, Mad Mark, Vicious Vic, Angry Arthur & Danny Downer. . . Haha

Finished the ruffle on my nieces practice skirt - only the waist band to go!

I wish my daughter would clean her room

My job interview went well

The job is on hold "your the perfect canidate, but we have had to put the job on hold, it might be a while" - I can wait!!

I don't want to go to my second job later today or tomorrow either

Think about the money. . . okay, I still don't want to go

I wish someone else would take down the tree

My son said he will help on Saturday

Yes, January is almost over and we still have the tree up.

I lost 10 pounds, but didn't go to Jazzercise this week

I will go to Jazzercise on Saturday morning when I get off work.

I really do like Jazzercise, I just like to sleep too

Tomorrow we are having Fajitas - steak, chicken and shrimp.

My son is still single, no prospects on the horizon

I think this is good for him to be single a little while longer

I want a bigger house

I need to clean my house - I will on Saturday

Wow, I am not looking forward to Saturday

I want to go see "It's complicated" - I have to call Gail and see if she wants to go

I need to update my Spark progress

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